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Contractors/Subcontractors By Doug Haines, Haines Security Solutions Making St. Markets, Outdoor Café and Pedestrian Zones Safe


policeman. A vehicle travel- ing at just 10 mph covers a distance of approximately 73 to 102 feet in the 5-7 seconds it takes a trained officer to view, identify and react to an errant vehicle – inten- tional or otherwise. Unless the speed of the vehicle is severely reduced to below that speed the vehicle will travel significantly further before it is recognized as a potential threat. Cops are do- ing a great job everyday but they can’t beat physics – no matter their super hero pow- ers, unfortunately. OUTDOOR CAFES And then there are outdoor cafes. By nature they are more permanent. I have to admit, I enjoy sitting in the piazza sipping an espresso just like any other caffeine addicted tourist. Whole sections of city centers have rows of restau- rants and outdoor cafes where you can sit and “take in life” lot of outdoor space would be wasted if it couldn’t be used after sunset, adding outdoor lighting helps rejuvenates that unused space into a space which can be used for evening activities while extending the outdoor season into the fall. Lighting today is available in many styles, shapes and colors. The vintage lighting look is extremely popular. It is offers classical charm and is a smart choice for offering potential energy savings while complimenting just about any lighting design. This timeless classic is available in several wattage variations and a di- versity of styles. Some of those styles include the “A” style, elongated “P” shape, torpedo shape, candle shape or the retro-looking filament style lamps. Today’s lighting offers color changing options and easy controls. Daylight sensors can be used to sense the amount of natural light entering a space and then automatically adjust the artificial light to maintain the amount of lu- mens in that space. Dimming can now be done remotely, no longer is every room required to be equipped with a dim-

as it passes by. In response to the current “ramming vehicle threat” some cities are now placing very ugly “jersey” barriers made from reinforced concrete) around these areas. A solid planter filled with dirt weighs several thousands of pounds and is an effective barrier, especially if struck by a vehicle at a high rate of speed. A large vehicle could nudge it out of the way if it is not somehow anchored, but hopefully someone would no- tice that and sound the alarm. Fortunately there is crash- rated “St. furniture” in the form of benches, planters, way signs, lighted bollards that are shallow mounted. These de- vices are permanently affixed, so they can’t be nudged, and can absorb the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle threat as described above. WHAT ABOUT LARGE PEDESTRIAN ZONES? Many cities are creating mer and thus bringing the convenience of dimming to the great outdoors. Add in the use of smartphones to control devices ranging from lighting dimmers to thermostats and yes, we have come a long way. Osram/Sylvania is one of the first companies to be of- fering smart lighting products with the latest Bluetooth mesh technology. The mesh technology gives the user some essential advantages: It extends the signal range sig- nificantly. The signal reaches YORK, PA — Engineering News-Record (ENR) ranked Kinsley Construction, Inc. as #166 on the Top 400 Con- tractors list. In 2018, Kinsley earned $561.2 million in rev- enue, helping the company earn its ranking as a national top contractor. ENR’s Top 400 Contractors list is published annually and ranks general contractors, both publicly and privately held, based on their construc- tion contracting-specific rev- enue. Full ranking information can be found on ENR’s website. About Kinsley

large “pedestrians zones” in city centers that cover many city blocks. This is great but traffic is still mixed within these spaces in some places. Unless the entire zone is vehicle traffic free, a pedes- trian or cyclist must cross the St. at some point. These crosswalks are particularly vulnerable and offer great target selection. My concern comes from the idea that besides establishing a perimeter and depending on which city you are in will determine how porous that perimeter is. Unless there is a separation of the different types of traffic that frequent the space; i.e., delivery ve- hicles, bicycle, pedestrians. Each category of traffic poses a threat to the others. We need to further sepa- rate the traffic within these zones, so that only the traffic we want within a particular zone is allowed ; vehicles with up to 300 meters and thanks to this cutting-edge signal standard, you can set up an entire smart-home system as well as connect such Blue- tooth mesh-enabled devices as thermostats, language assistants, and the like. And not to be forgotten: The user will really notice the shorter response time – LED lighting products can respond even more quickly to the changes made on a smartphone. LED lighting is revolution- izing our homes with exciting

vehicle, cyclist with cyclist and pedestrian within their as- signed zone. We can design the space so that only the type of travel that we want will be in its particular zone because the unwanted traffic types can’t enter. To separate vehicles from the rest, we could easily design higher-than-normal-curbs and reduce speeds by creating a serpentine effect. We could use the same idea for cyclist either permanently designed as part of the bicycle path or by using planters with trees. And for the pedestrian only zone, we can design the space so that bicycles and vehicles cannot enter while pedestrians are present. Again, we can borrow our idea from the outdoor café and place St. furniture throughout. Thereby, allowing pedestrians to duck for cover if something goes wrong. Doug Haines is owner/ CEO of Haines Security Solutions, LLC in Ventura, CA.  new illuminating options. In- dividual automated sequences for indoor and outdoor con- trolled with your voice, smart- phones and more are just the tip of the iceberg. There are an array of fixtures that are color changing helping to set the mood for any party or holiday, automated door locks, lighting and cameras provide a greater sense of security. Bob Kilroy is the vice president at Jewel Electric Supply Co. in Jersey City, NJ. 

TREET MARKETS I’m probably stat- ing the obvious here.

But most St. markets are t emp o r a r y i n n a t u r e (farmer’s, or harvest mar- k e t s ) a n d onl y oc cur on a certain day or two of

Doug Haines

the week or for a short period (Christmas Markets). Local police department’s put up metal stanchions and post a traffic cop more for crowd and traffic control, than anything else. They are not a deterrent to a dedicated threat using a vehicle as a weapon or an er- rant driver. Now before you go and tell the mayor or the police commissioner his cops are ineffective let me explain. It’s a matter of physics and not “goodwill or atten- tiveness” on the part of the

By Bob Kilroy, Jewel Electric SUMMER IS HERE Let’s Think Safety Outside

outside enjoy the flowers, p l a y s ome b a s e b a l l , golf, or your favorite sport o r m a y b e just indulge o n s o m e barbeque all W

ith the Fourth of July upon us, the time has come to get

Bob Kilroy

while taking advantage of the nice weather and all of that natural light. Lighting is a dominant factor in the brain’s ability to focus. Natural light helps improve behavior, cre- ate less anxiety and stress, and improves overall health. Lighting has its affects on blood pressure, pulse, respira- tion rates, brain activity, and a myriad of other physical brain and health issues. Today we enjoymore options in lighting than ever before. We use lighting to accomplish many functions. Landscape lighting for instance is used for safety around the property, to enhance beautification of the property helping to in- crease the property’s value, lets not forget the addition of curb appeal and security. A

Kinsley ranks among top 400 contractors nationwide

Kinsley Construction, Inc. is a master builder headquar- tered in Central PA, with offices in Baltimore and Hag- erstown, MD; Metro DC; and Eastern PA, serving clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Kinsley delivers build-

ing solutions through precon- struction, construction man- agement, general contracting and design-build services as well as steel fabrication and erection, highway and bridge, site work, rebar, materials and industrial. 

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