Big G Express - Q2 2020

Spring 2020


Thank you for all you do to make the Big G family of companies great! That’s usually the last line of my newsletter message, but with all we have going on around us today, it seems more appropriate at the beginning. By nature, what we all do for a living in the trucking industry makes it one of the ultimate “adjust on the fly” businesses. One phone call or one unforeseen event can change the plans of literally a dozen or more of our professional drivers and turn a calm day in the office into chaos. The quality of the job that we do on a daily basis when it is time to “adjust on the fly” is reflected in the high regard our customers have for our companies. However, COVID-19 has brought a whole new level to our definition of adjusting. The landscape of what we do and how we do it changes constantly. The amount of information — and unfortunately, misinformation — bombarding us is staggering. Rules and restrictions change from state to state and even city to city. Sometimes they change more than once a day. Please be assured we are doing all that we possibly can to keep each and every employee-owner as informed as we can with accurate information. As always, the safety and personal health of everyone is paramount in everything we do. We are working every day to provide the safest environment and best equipment and supplies that we can to ensure that safety. I ask that everyone please help us by ensuring you do all you can to personally adhere to available safety precaution guidelines.

It’s easy to say that we will get through this situation. I will also tell you without a doubt that getting through this will not be easy. We may have days when it seems like there are more problems and failures than there are successes, but it will not be from a lack of effort on the part of anyone. We have great people doing great things at every level in this company. In closing, I will just use one of my favorite lines when someone asks me how things are going and I believe this with all my heart: IT’S GOOD TO BE US!

And again, thank you for all you do to make the Big G family of companies great!

–Randy Vernon, CEO



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