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I hope the New Year is everything you hoped it would be and more. I must say that 2022 went out with a bang for my family. We were able to finally get in our family vacation and get away for some warmth, much- needed relaxation, and NO electronics (computers and cellphones). I got to read five fiction books, but Ainsley beat me by reading 12 books that week. Now, that’s a Vermost vacation! Once we returned, it was time to hit the ground running — playing catch up and preparing for Christmas and the New Year. The Monday before we left on vacation, I took a whole day with my leadership team and worked on our 2023 strategic plan. We laid out some huge plans that are already taking place as I write this.


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I know you all are asking for more information on the Special Session and when your insurance premiums will go down. I can’t say for sure when the premiums will go down, but I can say that the Special Session was one for the record books by all accounts. Many of the changes will take 18- 24 months before you and I will see the largest impacts. Most of the changes just took effect on Jan. 1, so hang tight. I can tell you that some of the changes have caused some of the existing insurance companies to open and start writing new businesses again, so that is a good sign of things to come. As I get more information to share, I will, but please be patient. This situation has taken years to get to this point and won’t be fixed with a single stroke of the governor’s pen. Until next month, –Darren

The first item I can share is that we hired a new office manager to free up more time for me to continue implementing the strategic plans. I am so pleased to announce a wonderful and amazing former team member is returning as our new office manager. Mary Rivera will be rejoining us on Jan. 9. The next big item is that we have signed an agreement for a new piece of software that will create a web portal and mobile app for ALL our clients to access their Auto ID cards and electronic copies of policies, request policy changes, and even generate Certificates of Insurance 24/7, 365 days a year. This will help us better support our clients when they need us, like during hurricane season. Stay tuned for more information as we set up and roll out the software.

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IS A VALUABLE ITEMS POLICY RIGHT FOR YOU? Protecting Your Most Prized Possessions You’ve likely heard this horrible story before: A family is having work done on their home, and sometime during the process, a woman’s engagement ring goes missing due to theft. The problem is that most homeowners policies don’t have much coverage at all for personal items such as jewelry, electronics, fine art, collectibles, and all valuable personal property. In most cases, homeowners policies only cover roughly $1,000– $1,500 for items lost due to theft! Most engagement rings or fine art pieces cost much more than this; thus, if you have valuable, expensive, or important items you want to protect, valuable items insurance may be of interest to you. A valuable items insurance policy can cover items such as jewelry, artwork, books, silverware, stamps, memorabilia, firearms, baseball cards, and coins. When deciding whether or not this type of insurance will be beneficial to you, your first step should be to check with your current homeowners insurance policy to determine how much it will pay if items of value are stolen. You

BE MINE! 6 Pieces of Valentine’s Day Trivia

The Hallmark cards have hit the shelves, boyfriends and husbands have all scrambled to plan, and the local restaurants are all swimming in reservations — Valentine's Day has arrived! On this day, many are left wondering how far back exchanging valentines goes, why we exchange valentines, and where those little heart-shaped candies come from. Look no further, we have answers for you. The first valentine dates back to the 15th century. According to, the oldest record of a valentine was in 1415 when a French medieval duke named Charles wrote a poem to his wife while in prison. One of the lines read, “I am already sick of love … My very gentle Valentine.” Saint Valentine is not the same person. It’s unclear which Saint Valentine the holiday is named after. One was a Roman priest who was sentenced to death after being caught illegally marrying couples during a marriage ban and the other was a man who got caught helping Christians escape into Rome — he later wrote a letter from prison, signing it, “From your Valentine.” Mass-produced valentines weren’t a thing until the 1840s. Known as the Mother of the American Valentine, Esther A. Howland commercialized Valentine’s Day cards that were decorated in ribbons and lace (as some are today) in the 1840s. Sweethearts candies were born in the 1860s. Oliver Chase, a Boston pharmacist, created a machine that produced medicinal lozenges (a common way to take medicine back then). With the success of his machine, he decided to use it to make candy as well, and thus Sweethearts were created in the 1860s. Valentine’s Day is an expensive holiday. According to the National Retail Foundation, in 2019, Americans spent more than $20 billion on the holiday to buy gifts that included flowers, chocolates, cards, and jewelry. It’s a popular day of engagement! According to a survey by American Express, millions of couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day. It was also voted as the best day of the year to pop the magical question.

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also should consider that some items may not be covered, so be sure to find out if any valuable items are excluded. Another great tip is to have your valuable items appraised. More often than not, certain keepsakes or memorabilia may actually be worth more than you think. An appraisal will help you determine whether or not the homeowners insurance covers the item or if you need a valuable items policy, to ensure you are fully protected and covered! Lastly, inventory your valuable belongings. Until you have a solid idea of what exactly you own, you cannot make a sound decision on whether or not a valuable item policy is necessary! For assistance with choosing the coverage that best fits your lifestyle and belongings, give us a call today! We are ready to serve you.


A Strict Diet and Fitness Routine Football fans have speculated on Tom Brady’s retirement for years, so when he announced that he was retiring at the end of last season, few were surprised. Then Brady shocked the world when he announced he was coming out of retirement just 40 days after hanging up his cleats. In doing so, Tom Brady became the oldest player in the NFL for the 2022 season at 45 years old. Many wondered how Brady would be able to compete when the average NFL player was 20 years younger than him, but he proved that his physical well-being was of no concern. And it’s all thanks to Brady’s fitness program, The TB12 Method. In 2017, Brady released a book called “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance,” which gave fans an insight into his diet and workout routine. The basic tenets of his program have remained the same for years, but remember that even Brady participates in cheat days from time to time. Tom Brady’s diet consists almost exclusively of organic, locally grown, seasonal, whole foods. He avoids all processed foods, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, caffeine, MSG, alcohol, iodized salt, dairy, nightshade vegetables, most oils, and nearly all foods containing soy or gluten. He doesn’t combine fruit with other food and won’t combine high-protein foods like meat and fish with carb- heavy foods, such as brown rice or bread. Brady also tries to drink half his body weight’s worth of water (more than 2 gallons) each day and won’t eat within three hours of going to sleep. Sounds easy enough, right? The diet is only one part of Brady’s wellness routine. He also pairs it with two fitness routines, one for the football season and one for the offseason. Brady wakes up each morning at 5:30 a.m. He then gets a four-minute, pre-workout massage before doing a 40-minute resistance band workout. From there, he moves to movement drills like squats, lunges, and planks. He finishes each workout with another massage and then participates in 15 minutes of online brain exercises to help with his visual precision. Brady will do this at least 4–5 times a week during the offseason. If you ever wanted to diet and exercise like Tom Brady, now you know how. You might not win any Super Bowls if you try it, but you’ll be well on your way to improving your physical health.

CALL FOR DETAILS OR TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY (727) 748-2886 Chuck Chucri, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, FLMI Financial Advisor The Prudential Insurance Company of America Our financial advisors and financial planners offer financial planning and/or investment advice through Pruco Securities, LLC (Pruco), under the marketing name Prudential Financial Planning Services (PFPS). A financial advisor or financial planner offers securities products and services as a registered representative of Pruco and offers insurance products as an agent of issuing insurance companies. 1-800-778-2255 Vermost Insurance is an independent organization and is not an affiliate of Prudential Financial.


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We’re lending a paw to our spotlight charity, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Tampa Bay, with a donation drive to help local animals in need! Bring your furry friend and drive by Vermost Insurance Agency from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Saturday, March 11, and drop off your donations! As a thank-you, all who donate will be entered into a drawing to win one of our raffle gift baskets! We will even have treats for your furry friends! Prize winners will be notified Monday, March 13! Most needed items

Other needed items • Training pads • Kitty litter

• Paper towels • Peanut butter • Dog treats • Kitten milk replacer formula

• Fleece beds • Puzzle bowls • Carriers • Puppy milk replacer formula • Nursery kit • Collars, harnesses, leashes

• Cat and dog toys • Dawn dish soap • Gently used towels • Pillowcases • Non-fitted bed sheets

Can’t make it out to our office and want to donate supplies? Use SPCA’s The Animals’ Wishlist and have your donation shipped directly to our agency! Visit http:/ *We will also accept donations at our office from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. on March 6–10.

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Wacky February Holidays

• February 1 - National Dark Chocolate Day • February 2 - National Tater Tot Day • February 3 - National Carrot Cake Day • February 4 - Ice Cream for Breakfast Day • February 6 - National Frozen Yogurt Day • February 7 - National Send a Card to a Friend Day • February 8 - National Kite Flying Day • February 9 - National Bagel and Lox Day • February 10 - National Umbrella Day • February 11 - National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day • February 13 - Galentine’s Day

• February 16 - National Do a Grouch a Favor Day • February 17 - National No One Eats Alone Day • February 19 - National Chocolate Mint Day • February 20 - National Cherry Pie Day • February 21 - National Sticky Bun Day • February 22 - National Cook a Sweet Potato Day • February 23 - National Banana Bread Day • February 24 - National Skip the Straw Day • February 25 - National Chocolate Covered Nut Day • February 26 - National Set a Good Example Day

• February 27 - National Strawberry Day • February 28 - National Tooth Fairy Day

• February 14 - National Ferris Wheel Day • February 15 - National Gumdrop Day



Try these delicious chicken burgers with a Mediterranean spin on the classic sandwich we all love. Featuring Greek-style toppings and seasonings, this recipe is refreshing and super healthy, too.


• 1/4 cup finely chopped cucumber • 1/4 cup reduced-fat mayonnaise BURGERS: • 1/2 cup chopped roasted sweet red pepper • 1 tsp garlic powder

• 1/2 tsp Greek seasoning • 1/4 tsp black pepper • 1 1/2 lbs lean ground chicken • 1 cup crumbled feta cheese • 6 whole wheat hamburger buns, split and toasted


1. Preheat broiler and mix chopped cucumber and mayonnaise. 2. For the burgers, mix the red pepper, garlic powder, Greek seasoning, and black pepper. Add ground chicken and feta cheese; mix lightly but thoroughly (the mixture will be sticky). Shape into 6 patties about 1/2-inch thick. 3. Broil burgers, remembering to cook both sides thoroughly. Serve on buns with cucumber sauce. If desired, top with lettuce and tomato. Enjoy! Inspired by

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