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TRANSACT IONS TWO LEADING ENGINEERING, DESIGN AND CONSULTING BRANDS MERGE TO CREATE NEW POWERHOUSE FIRM, JDSFAULKNER faulkner edc and JDS Consulting & Design , two leading companies in engineering, design and consulting for residential, commercial and industrial markets, announce the thoughtful merging into a new dynamic firm, JDSfaulkner . At the helm of the newly formed JDSfaulkner brand are Tommy Faulkner, Elijah Smith and Robert Murray, three industry experts with a combined 75 years of proven experience. Backed by this expertise, the JDSfaulkner team bridges in-depth technical knowledge with creativity to solve engineering problems and implement sophisticated solutions. With an emphasis on providing advanced technical expertise, creative excellence and cutting-edge solutions, the merger positions JDSfaulkner to provide an even broader scope of services to clients across residential, commercial and industrial projects. The combined JDSfaulkner team has extensive experience in engineering design, including civil, geotechnical, renewable energy, structural, environmental, and roofing and waterproofing design. For planning needs, the firm provides land planning and development and environmental planning. Inspection and testing services include third-party building inspections, structural inspections, geotechnical inspections and special inspections, as well as construction materials testing for soils, concrete, asphalt, wood, steel, fireproofing and aggregate.

“Eli, Robb and I formed a natural partnership, with our people at the center,” said Tommy Faulkner, CEO of JDSfaulkner. “Our team delivers creative and sophisticated solutions that are backed by hundreds of years of combined technical experience. This merger only further solidifies the resources, knowledge and service we can provide to our clients throughout the Southeast.” Tommy Faulkner, founder of the former faulkner edc, has more than 25 years of experience leading growth and development of technical expertise at North Carolina’s top engineering firms. Faulkner is a trusted engineering and inspections expert across industries including educational institutions, medical centers, government facilities, military vessels and weaponry, residential development and a range of commercial projects from energy and hospitality to real estate and manufacturing. Notable projects include North Carolina State University’s Carter-Finley Stadium renovation in Raleigh; Duke Gardens visitor center and Durham County Justice Center in Durham, North Carolina; New Hanover Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina; and University of North Carolina’s Cancer Research Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Faulkner is a licensed professional engineer in North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina, and has been recognized with numerous awards for his professional contributions, including the President’s Award from the Construction Management Association of America and the Chairman’s Award from the American Counsel of Engineering Companies. He was also selected to serve on the International

Code Council Structural Code Development Committee, helping to develop building code standards used today. In 2008, Eli Smith founded JDS Consulting & Design, providing structural engineering consulting, design and inspections to clients in the Triangle region. Partnering with Robb Murray in 2012, Smith grew JDS Consulting & Design into a multidisciplinary engineering firm offering design, special inspections and construction materials testing services. JDS Consulting & Design has served clients for tens of thousands of engineering projects, from Big Bend Solar Array in Apollo Beach, Florida, to retaining walls and structural design and inspection projects throughout the Southeast. Smith, now COO of JDSfaulkner, earned his professional engineering licensure and worked at several prestigious North Carolina engineering firms before founding JDS Consulting & Design. Prior to partnering with Smith, Murray served as a project manager building more than 25 years of experience in engineering design and inspections across residential, commercial and industrial projects. Murray now serves as CAO of JDSfaulkner. Founded through the thoughtful merging of two industry leaders, JDSfaulkner is a multi- disciplined engineering, design and consulting firm serving commercial, residential and industrial clients throughout the Southeast. As a creative force with proven experience, JDSfaulkner is a trusted planning, engineering and inspection resource, delivering sophisticated solutions from design and due diligence through construction completion.

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