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Summer is always a fun time. Between vacations, barbecues, pools, and the long days, there is always time for different adventures. What will you do to make this summer memorable? Simple things can have a long-lasting impact. For starters, how about doing something rather than watching it done in the virtual world? We all should be outside more. Research supports the idea that a person’s overall well-being is helped by spending time outside. Even if we’re just taking a walk around the neighborhood during lunch, it’s something. With kids out of school, the excuse for an early bedtime is gone. I’ve already reserved some time on my calendar to get outside with my kids as often as possible. Let’s be honest, no one is going to remember the color of the couch they had when they finished watching that TV show. But no one will forget sharing a new experience with their children. Get out there and have fun! You’ll thank yourself too.

Applying to college is one of the most stressful parts of any high schooler’s existence, but the stress of preparing for higher education doesn’t end once your student has chosen where to attend. Preparing them for their first days in a dorm is also an essential part of the process. The summer after graduation and before college is the perfect time to give your student the tools for success in their new environment. For many parents, seeing their child leave home for the first time is a nerve-wracking process. It can lead to frustration and arguments when not handled correctly. As such, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure the transition goes smoothly. THE SUMMER BEFORE COLLEGE How to Prepare for Your Child’s Freshman Year Having a child, especially your first child, pursue higher education is often bittersweet. You want your child to be successful, but the thought of them far away from home can cause anxiety. It’s completely normal to have these feelings, and you should embrace and reckon with them. However, what you shouldn’t do is make those feelings your chief concern or allow them to make your child wary of leaving. Nobody wants to be the freshman with the parent who resorted to hysterics on move-in day. Be prepared to say goodbye, and do your best to maintain some composure because college is, first and foremost, about the student. REMEMBER THAT IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU

Happy Fourth of July from all of us.


-AJ Yolofsky

Academics are the foundational element of the college experience, but they are far from the whole of it. Your child should be ready to live on their own, without the security

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blanket of Mom and Dad. Having life skills will prove just as valuable as study skills during the course of their undergraduate experience. As Maureen Clancy of CNBC’s “Know Your Value” says, “I taught my daughter some coping skills because sometimes the weight and stress of everything would cause her to have a total meltdown … I showed her that in those times, she needed to get active (exercise, clean, etc.) and get out of her own head, and instead of worrying about passing all her classes for the semester, [she should] focus on that next test and take one day at a time.” Additionally, preparing for the extracurricular aspects of the campus experience involves hard conversations about sensitive issues. No parent is comfortable talking to their 18-year-old about drinking, safe sex, and the like. Regardless of the awkwardness, these discussions are vital for your child to make safe and responsible decisions while they’re away from home.

college should be about savoring your time together. Take a trip, share a special meal, or do something meaningful together that will create a lasting memory for you and your child. Time is of the essence like never before, and you don’t want to regret passing up the chance to share valuable family time in the months and weeks leading up to departure. After your child arrives at their college or university, it’s extremely important to make them feel supported. Showing appreciation for their hard work will demonstrate how proud you are of them, and knowing they have supportive parents in their corner, no matter how far away, is hugely beneficial to new college students. Despite the wishes of some parents, you can’t be a fly on the wall during the first semester. Rather than suffering from a serious case of parental FOMO, focus on enjoying time together before you send them off to the next chapter of their life.

If you asked a teen to shop for their college dorm on their own, they’d likely come home with a million posters, some bed sheets, and not much else. As an experienced adult, you can help your child arrive with all the items they need. A small tool set, some dishware, cleaning supplies, and the rest of the basics will make life a whole lot easier, but they are easy to overlook. A good way to devise a list of survival essentials is to look at your own closets. Everybody knows they need clothes, but they may forget about the value of a spare lightbulb, a few power strips, and an extra charging cable. Having these items on hand will make the first few weeks a lot easier. As a bonus, shopping for dorm supplies is a wonderful bonding experience.


In addition to preparing to launch your child from the nest, the summer before

Watch Their World Expand With Every Step HIKINGWITH YOUR KIDS

Hiking has many benefits as a family activity, such as mental health improvement, strengthening your relationships, and experiencing new sights and discoveries together. It’s also great exercise, and you get plenty of quality time, fresh air, and sunshine. Here are three guidelines to help you and your kids have fun on your next hike.

the trail. You can also bring binoculars to help them look at a bird that might be perched a little too high up. Another option is a bug holder to let your kids catch smaller insects, such as grasshoppers or pill bugs, and give them a close-up look.



While you’re out on the trail, it’s essential to make sure that both you and your family are safe. Wear breathable, noncotton material and sturdy shoes that don’t expose your toes. It’s important to dress according to the weather. For example, if the day is sunny, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and apply plenty of sunscreen on any exposed skin. Bring your kids’ favorite snacks and water bottles for everyone to stay hydrated. It’s crucial that you also bring a fully stocked first-aid kit in case someone is injured on the hike. Starting with one of your local hiking trails can be a rewarding way to spend the day with your kids. You can watch their excitement as they expand their world with new discoveries.

One of the best ways to have your children learn about the world is letting them explore it. Being there for your children and encouraging them to ask questions about flowers, bugs, or animals you see on the trail will help them expand their vocabulary and learn how things work. When they learn they can explore independently and ask about the world around them, they’re gaining the confidence to teach themselves.


Getting your children to engage in nature while you’re out hiking can be as simple as bringing a magnifying glass along with you. Let your kids look at leaves, rocks, insects, or anything else you might come across on

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Everyone with a smartphone has heard time and time again that looking at your phone before bed is a bad idea. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “The use of electronic devices in the bedroom further disrupts the natural pattern of the sleep-wake cycle” primarily because of the blue light emitted from the screen. While most scientific data pertaining to sleep recommends you place your phone in another room overnight, those who toss and turn regardless of phone location might benefit from using technology rather than tucking it away. Here are three FREE sleep apps that might help you get to dreamland faster. 3 Free Apps to Help You Catch Those Z’s Insomniacs Unite


common. The Snore Report app records through the night to detect any snoring sounds and then provides the user with an overview of the previous night’s recording, including an index to determine snore intensity. Using this app might not help you fall asleep faster, but it could offer helpful information about why you aren’t able to stay asleep.

While there are many apps that claim to help people fall asleep quicker, very few are programmed to prevent sleepers from growing bored of the same monotonous soundtracks. Pzizz combines music, sound effects, and binaural beats, and an embedded algorithm generates a slightly different track each time you use it.



Instead of setting an alarm to jolt you out of sleep at a specific time, choose a window of time to wake up with the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. The app will sense your sleep movements and ring an alarm when you’re in the lightest stage of sleep. This way, you’ll wake at the optimal time, feeling refreshed rather than groggy.

Many troubled sleepers who are able to fall asleep are jolted awake shortly afterward. The inability to stay asleep throughout the night can stem from a multitude of factors, but snoring tends to be the most

Take a Break

Inspired by CookingLight.com

Watermelon Cucumber Skewers

Skewers are a Fourth of July favorite, but these are not your classic kebabs. They’re a fresh, light, and fun way to start a barbecue. Oh, and they don’t require any actual cooking.


1 medium-sized watermelon, cubed 2 cucumbers, cut into 1/4-inch rounds

1 block feta cheese, cubed

1 bunch fresh mint leaves

Salt, to taste

Equipment •

1 packet of bamboo skewers

Directions: 1. Assemble skewers by placing one watermelon cube, one cucumber round, one feta cube, and one mint leaf on skewer in that order. Repeat until skewer is full. 2. Lightly season with salt and chill in fridge until right before serving.


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INSIDE THIS ISSUE From the Yolofsky Office PAGE 1 A Successful Launch From the Nest PAGE 1 Hiking With Your Kids PAGE 2 3 Free Apps to Help You CatchThose Z’s PAGE 3 Take a Break! PAGE 3 Watermelon Cucumber Skewers PAGE 3 Avoid the Summer Heat Somewhere Cool PAGE 4 As the scorching summer sun beats down, it’s hard to remember that just six months ago you were shivering through the winter, whether that meant a chilly 50 degrees F or bitter subzero temperatures. But if cooler temps sound like paradise, and a dip in the pool is no longer keeping you cool, it might be time to take a vacation somewhere chilly. Check out these three destinations to avoid the summer heat. ALASKA No place says chilly quite like Alaska. Trips to Alaska can be expensive during this time of year, but when you step into that crisp air with a cool mountainous view, you’ll understand why it’s a popular summer voyage. Travelers can choose to fly or take a cruise ship, and many cities feature tourism- packed excursions. A few notable locations include Anchorage, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and Denali National Park and Preserve.

CHILL OUT Relax in These Cool Destinations This Summer

ICELAND Just as its name suggests, Iceland can be the perfect destination for travelers yearning to get away from the unbearable summer heat. With temperatures rarely exceeding 60 degrees F — the average high for the country — packing is easy for this relaxing vacation. Take a relaxing dip in one of the country’s many hot springs or enjoy tremendous views of the fjords. Even better, you can tour the country at any time because it’s sunny almost 24 hours a day. What could be better than a midnight hike around the fourth happiest country in the world?

NORWAY Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to give up your skiing hobby! Venture off to Norway and experience some of their most popular summer ski resorts. After a day or two shredding the slopes, experience the popular Norwegian Opera and Ballet in Oslo or choose between numerous outdoor and indoor exhibitions. Best of all, you won’t even break a sweat, as the average temperature in Norway’s hottest month barely hits 70 degrees F. Bordering Sweden and northern Finland, Norway can even be the beginning to a cool European tour this summer.

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