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Summer is always a fun time. Between vacations, barbecues, pools, and the long days, there is always time for different adventures. What will you do to make this summer memorable? Simple things can have a long-lasting impact. For starters, how about doing something rather than watching it done in the virtual world? We all should be outside more. Research supports the idea that a person’s overall well-being is helped by spending time outside. Even if we’re just taking a walk around the neighborhood during lunch, it’s something. With kids out of school, the excuse for an early bedtime is gone. I’ve already reserved some time on my calendar to get outside with my kids as often as possible. Let’s be honest, no one is going to remember the color of the couch they had when they finished watching that TV show. But no one will forget sharing a new experience with their children. Get out there and have fun! You’ll thank yourself too.

Applying to college is one of the most stressful parts of any high schooler’s existence, but the stress of preparing for higher education doesn’t end once your student has chosen where to attend. Preparing them for their first days in a dorm is also an essential part of the process. The summer after graduation and before college is the perfect time to give your student the tools for success in their new environment. For many parents, seeing their child leave home for the first time is a nerve-wracking process. It can lead to frustration and arguments when not handled correctly. As such, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure the transition goes smoothly. THE SUMMER BEFORE COLLEGE How to Prepare for Your Child’s Freshman Year Having a child, especially your first child, pursue higher education is often bittersweet. You want your child to be successful, but the thought of them far away from home can cause anxiety. It’s completely normal to have these feelings, and you should embrace and reckon with them. However, what you shouldn’t do is make those feelings your chief concern or allow them to make your child wary of leaving. Nobody wants to be the freshman with the parent who resorted to hysterics on move-in day. Be prepared to say goodbye, and do your best to maintain some composure because college is, first and foremost, about the student. REMEMBER THAT IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU

Happy Fourth of July from all of us.


-AJ Yolofsky

Academics are the foundational element of the college experience, but they are far from the whole of it. Your child should be ready to live on their own, without the security

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