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Pledge helps BIFA guide Members on supply chain environmental issues

considered as the main environmental issues and the challenges they pose, whilst

providing guidance on the steps that they should take to launch an environmental policy or enhance an existing one.

From this month, BIFA Members will be able to access a range of tools from Pledge in order to better understand and address the environmental issues that affect how they manage international supply chains. Pledge is an integrated carbon

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measurement and offsetting platform providing tools for

emissions measurement, analytics and offsetting. By cooperating with Pledge, BIFA will help to support Members in their journey to having operations that are more environmentally sustainable. The available resources will be

designed to guide Members on what to do to address the tasks at

hand, rather than how to do it. They will address what needs to be

Fraud is the biggest threat to cargo losses

Criminal fraud in its many and various manifestations within the global supply chain is seen by international freight transport insurer TT Club as a primary and growing threat. Carrier fraud in particular is a dominant occurrence. Renewed vigilance is required and encouraged by the insurer. The almost exclusive use of online facilities to process business

transactions allows a myriad of fraudulent pursuits to find opportunities within the complexities of the global supply chain. These have many manifestations, from payment fraud that involves existing mandates and impersonation of executives to procurement fraud featuring false invoicing. Carrier fraud, in which criminals

imitate hauliers and other sub- contractors, including drivers with falsified documents, accounted for 84% of TT claims involving fraud or deception in 2022. TT is eager to pinpoint these risks and offer advice to industry on how to not just identify potential fraud, but to minimise and avoid losses through them.

Club press release in full and for links to further guidance.

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The Limits of Liability for Carriers

In association with

By air – Warsaw Convention (17 SDR): £18.55 per kg

By sea – Hague Visby rules (2 SDR): £2.18 per kg £727.58 per package

BIFA STC: (2 SDR): £2.18 per kg

By road – CMR (8.33 SDR): £9.09 per kg

Insurance for the Marine & Logistics industries

(The SDR rate on 20 January 2023, according to the IMF website, was 1.09137)

By air – Montreal Convention (22 SDR): £24.01 per kg

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