Board Converting News, February 8, 2021

RusCorr Celebrates Record-Breaking Shift With BHS 110-Inch Corrugator November 18, 2020, marked yet another milestone of achievement for Corrugated Supplies’ RusCorr sheet feeder located in Cullman, Alabama: its second shift corru- gator crew set a new 8-hour record averaging 57,720 FPH (962 FPM) with zero down time. They produced a total

over 96 percent of the maximum speed is testimony to the pride our team takes in running our corrugator fast, keep- ing it clean and maintaining it to BHS standards.” Scott Hogeland, RusCorr’s Maintenance Manager, add- ed, “For the last eight months of 2020, every monthly av- erage was better than the last. Including maintenance and downtime, our monthly average speed in May was 798 FPM. In December, our average rose to 823 FPM (49,380 FPH) for the month. We finished the year with a 12 month

of 3,653,458 square-feet of board with 67 dry end order changes. BHS presented a Platinum Performer award on January 12 to celebrate RusCorr’s achievement. According to Joel Wilemon, RusCorr Facility Manager, “Our 110-inch BHS Corrugator is over 17 years old and has a max speed of 1000 FPM. The fact that my guys averaged

average of 47,580 FPH (793FPM). Total downtime for the year was 1.45 percent of maintenance downtime and 1.39 percent of production downtime. However, it’s how our team performs every day, as well as the overall support we receive from BHS that makes it possible to support our customers with the highest quality and consistency.”


• All electric motor driven • Timing belt controlled • Simple operator controls • Safety Features: - Lockout switches on motors, emergency stop button on the operator control console, mechanical safety locks

• VFD can be adjusted down for different types of loads and applications • Options: - Available as pit or floor model - 90" stack height option - Hand-off system for high speed applicators

The FastStack Load Former is the ideal and safest way to move bundles ergonomically, without lifting to build tiers to the finished unit load.



February 8, 2021

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