Board Converting News, February 8, 2021

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temperature required for sterilization. So goodbye grease! The average grease content of a pizza box is less than two percent anyway, and at that level does not affect the strength of the new board being made. And if you are still not totally convinced, there’s a fur- ther check in the system. The board goes from the mill to a converting plant where the board is blended with other paper layers to form a corrugated sheet, which will then be shaped into your next pizza box. Sorry we can’t do any- thing about the ice cream! But the corrugation process, as it is called, destroys any bacteria that might remain. In fact, a recent study showed that every single one of 720 corrugated boxes from six different suppliers tested at six different locations in three different regions met accept- able sanitization levels. So, there you have it. Pizza boxes are recyclable. Now, was that vegetarian or Hawaiian? John Mullinder is the Executive Director of the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council. Visit for more information.

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More Webinars Added To AICC All Access Pass

Our Teamwork Brings It All Together Each department works hard to ensure Quality, Precision, and Expertise in every Anilox Roll that leaves our facilities.

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has added new webinars to its calendar, and that means more webi- nars are available at no additional cost to those with the All Access Pass. When a company purchases the All Access Pass for $1695, all employees can register for AICC webinars through August 2021 for no additional cost. More than 70 webinars and recordings are included with the Pass. Upcoming webinars include Which Flexo Folder Gluer is Right for the Job?, How to Reduce Risk in Major R&D Projects, Corrugator Roll Alignment, and Maximizing Pros- pecting Effectiveness Leveraging LinkedIn and other So- cial Media Tools. The Pass provides the best way to meet a company’s professional development needs at a bud- get-friendly price. The average registration for a webinar is $250. With more than 70 webinars and recordings included, the All Access Pass represents a savings of more than $15,000. The All Access Pass pays for itself after only a few webi- nars. The All Access Pass gives participating companies: • Flexibility in choosing education offerings and which team members take them • Simplicity and accuracy in budgeting for professional development • The best available price for AICC webinars • An easy way to leverage the value of your AICC mem- bership. To purchase the Pass, visit or contact Taryn Pyle, Director, Education and Leadership Development at or (703) 836-2422.

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February 8, 2021

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