Board Converting News, February 8, 2021

SUPPLIER REPORTS 2021 (PART 2) BAUMER HHS Dayton, Ohio: Rick Pallante reports, “At Baumer hhs, like other manufacturers, 2020 was a challenging year. Man-

box manufacturers to new production levels, and shown the market new and innovative box designs. Given the cost of these designs, it makes sense to minimize waste at the folder gluer. “Last year saw the debut of our effective jam preven- tion control to eliminate broken belts and downtime. We also introduced the Xact, our most efficient and cost-ef- fective 4-channel controller for Specialty Folder Gluers, as well as the companion model FFG go for Flexo Folder Glu- ers. All quality systems on a flexo-folder gluer can be cou- pled with our Bundle24 tracking unit. When coupled with a suitable bundle ejector, any bundle containing a defective case can be removed. “Baumer hhs continues to provide hot melt, cold glue and verification technologies to the pharmaceutical and end of line markets. Tamper-evident solutions for pharma- ceutical markets using hot melt and cold glues give manu- facturers a secure way to package goods. These custom- ers find value in electrically activated applicators instead of traditional pneumatically activated ones. “Long life and glue savings by dotting instead of dis- pensing beads have led to significant savings for custom- ers. Using smaller diameter hoses and eliminating routing CONTINUED ON PAGE 32

aging business in a pandemic amid political changes pushed us to be a better company, and a guardian for the safety and welfare of our cus- tomers and employees. “Last year saw investment in corrugated and folding carton as customers tried to keep up with

Rick Pallante

the increased demand from food-based packaging and e-commerce. Customers needed robust and dependable equipment, and Baumer hhs delivered. “For our folding carton customers, the Xtend³ platform provides long running and value-added components. The system’s ability to precisely and cleanly dispense adhe- sive and verify its position via traditional scanners or multi-functional cameras provides a complete solution for customers’ folding carton needs. “In the corrugated industry, investment continues in the Specialty Folder Gluer market in new machines and up- grades to existing ones. The move from brick and mortar shopping to online purchases has pushed e-commerce

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February 8, 2021

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