Board Converting News, February 8, 2021

Supplier Reports, Part 2 (CONT’D FROM PAGE 30)

“Domestic growth remained strong while international awareness and sales climbed. New C-170 die cutter ex- ports arrived in Turkey, Ireland, and Germany in 2020, while several EU countries, Mexico and Australia are receiving Baysek die cutters in 2021. Baysek Machines & Engineering, United Kingdom provides parts and service to all of Europe and Africa, while Baysek U.S. supplies and ser- vices North America, South America and Mexico with 24- hour customer care. “Rising equipment demand has prompted Baysek to expand its headquarters with an additional 12,000-square- feet of machine manufacturing and office space. New employee hires are accompanying expansion. Baysek has added an in-house machine programmer, another electrician, a purchasing and inventory manager, and an- other machine fabricator to the already strong and knowl- edgeable team. New Baysek sales reps in Spanish- and French-speaking markets are also a welcome addition. “Currently, Baysek Machines engineers, assembles and programs C-170 die cutters, EL-150 die cutters, I-6072 and IR-6072 Load Turners as well as custom built load turn- ers. In 2020, Baysek also joined forces with Digital Print, Inc. (DPi) to offer a new Digital Post Printer. DPi manufac- tures and programs the One Color, Two Color Spot, and Mark Helbach

of air lines through the machine make installation faster and simpler. “Service is a focus for Baumer hhs. With the pandem- ic, sending a service technician is no longer an easy task. More service solutions are done over the phone or via our free Team Viewer service, where we can look at custom- ers’ screens and service logs to help. We send service technicians when absolutely needed, but their safety and customers’ personnel safety are paramount. “The outlook for 2021 is to expand our customer base; support our current customers with dependable, rugged equipment; and provide the best service to complete what customers expect from a premier supplier: reliable equip- ment, solutions that add value, and service.” Call (937) 886-3160. Email BAYSEK MACHINES Nelsonville, Wisconsin: Mark Helbach reports, “The year 2020 was a year of rapid growth. Given increased de- mand of online purchasing & shipping, the rise in pack- ing production drove worldwide demand for equipment in the converting industry. Unable to physically host visitors during the pandemic, Baysek turned to virtual headquar- ters tours and C-170 die cutter demonstrations. Interested parties from all around the world joined livestream visits which resulted in continued growth for the company.



February 8, 2021

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