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May 2020

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From World War II Survivor to Mother Extraordinaire Darrell Shares Stories About His Mom to Celebrate Mother’s Day

the evening. If she needed time for herself or for chores that didn't relate to us, they were a low priority. She would wait until we were all sleeping to paint the house or fix the sink. My mom always found ways to be resourceful and did things for herself. Even today, it's tough to get my mom to hire people to help her. When it came to discipline, my mom was wise with us. When we turned 11, she'd tell us that the only reason she was being so tough and honest with us was because in our teenage years, we would change. I think she sensed how formative those preteen years were and made sure we wouldn't get into trouble that would cause issues for us later down the road. We lived in a tough neighborhood, which probably made her worry. As a parent, I've learned a lot from her. I try to enjoy it as much as she did because if there's anything I've picked up from her and my father, it's their work ethic. I think my mom truly enjoys working hard and helping others as much as she can. As a grandma, she still always wants to cook for us! She rarely stops to rest if she can help it. I do my best to keep the same attitude toward my own kids and my work.

Whenever people talk about Mother's Day, a few things come to mind about my mom. First, I think about how tiny but powerful she is. Then, I think about how giving she is. My mom is barely 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds, while her kids are much taller and bigger than she is. Although there's a small language barrier between me and my parents, I've gained a lot of insight into just how tough her upbringing was. During World War II, my grandmother often ran from bombings and attacks while carrying my mom in her arms. It was just my grandmother, my mom, and her siblings because her dad died when she was very young. It was really tough, especially since my mom was a girl. In those times, many people left their daughters behind, and with two older brothers, I can only wonder how close my mom could've been to the same fate. While those traumatic events took place pretty early in her life, they had a big impact on her, and now, she's one of the most hardworking people I know. She finally moved to Hawaii in her late teens. When she was in her early 20's, she flew to San Francisco and met my dad. They married and stayed in California. There, they started a grocery store together. Probably the most mysterious thing about my mother's story is her own children.

In closing this month's cover story, I wish that you and your family are doing great and staying healthy during this unique time our world is going through. We will all get through this together! Time will pass and we will return to a "new normal." Whatever the changes will be,

I'm the youngest of six kids (three boys and three girls), but my oldest brother and I only have eight years between us. Six kids in eight years? How is that possible? We ask ourselves that all the time. Our mom really defied the law of reality! Like I said, my mom is tiny but powerful and giving. She survived an unthinkable time in history, but she's never stopped helping all six of us with whatever we've needed. My mom always worked at the store, but she'd leave early just to be home with us. Every day, she'd make dinner for us and make sure we had everything we needed for

we are here ready to work harder and safer than ever to make our doctors and patients happy!

–Darrell Lee


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