Big English British English Teacher Edition Level 1

Good Morning, Class!




• To name classroom objects

• To make a ‘My Pencil Case’ poster



• To identify important ideas in a story (‘Classroom Colours’) • To use reading strategies to comprehend and appreciate a story

• To learn the value of being polite


• To identify and say the letters and sounds a , t , p and n individually and as part of words


• To use the simple present ( be ) • To ask questions with What • To use contractions ( What’s and It’s )

Think Big

• To develop 21st century skills and ‘bigger picture’ thinking

Content Connection

• Maths: To count using numbers 1–10 • To ask questions and talk about classroom items

Key Vocabulary

Classroom Objects

Everyday English

Content Words

backpack book chair crayon desk marker pen pen pencil rubber ruler

Look! Please sit down. Thank you. Yes, good! You’re welcome.

classroom notebook object pencil case pencil sharpener

poster survey tablet

T1A Unit 1

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