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For more than 30 years, Melaleuca has set the world standard for high- quality Melaleuca Oil. In 2015, they applied that expertise to an entire line of essential oils: Melaleuca PURE ™ Essential Oils . PURE Essential Oils are not only the highest quality available, they’re also offered at a significant cost savings versus the major competitors. In fact, Melaleuca saves customers like you more than $1 million every month compared to the competitors’ prices. Build Your Business

Essential Oils Are in High Demand Essential oils are a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s only expected to grow. There is such a high customer demand for quality essential oils that Melaleuca has already sold millions of bottles since launching PURE Essential Oils in May 2015! What’s more, customers who purchase essential oils order seven more Products Points per month on average. Sharing PURE Has Never Been Easier There has never been a better time to share PURE Essential Oils with your friends and family thanks to the NEW Do-It-Yourself Blends Diffuser Booklet . This affordable booklet is the perfect introduction to PURE Essential Oils and offers helpful tips and advice for both new and experienced users. The Do-It-Yourself Blends Diffuser Booklet includes:

Do-It-Yourself Blends Diffuser Booklet ITEM #8130

• Tips for creating your own unique oil blends • 26 custom oil blends you can create at home •  PURE Essential Oil blend menu, which includes the aromatic benefits of every oil • How-to instructions for diffusing oils and diffuser care • Training on carrier oils and how to apply oils topically

“I bought a ton of Do-It-Yourself Blends Diffuser Booklets to give to my customers as a thank-you. It’s a great way to introduce people to essential oils.” Yvette Zona, Brooklyn Park, MN | National Director 4


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