PCSBV June 2021 Newsletter

June is PRIDE Month !

Unique considerations for palliative care include:

3 times more likely to be single Significantly less likely to have children Possibly estranged from their birth families Experienced multiple losses within the LGBTQIA2S+ community due to AIDS,

June is Pride Month! It is important to recognize that there are still existing barriers within the healthcare system for LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. SPECTRUM, Aging With Pride, and the Hospice of Waterloo Region have gathered information on the many ways in which LGBTQIA2S+ individuals may have different needs and circumstances when it comes to end of life care. If LGBTQIA2S+ people are not confident and do not feel safe with services or staff, they may not seek support and/or may not feel able to be open about themselves and the people who are important to them – factors that are crucial to dying well. To learn more, please visit the Virtual Hospice Guide, or review the presentation referred to above, which may be found here.

suicide, addictions, marginalization, etc.

Increased risk of mental health problems resulting from lifetime of marginalization & oppression

Key experiences by LGBTQIA2S + people at end of life

Anticipating discrimination

Assumptions about identity and family structure

Complexities of religion and LGBTQ end of life care

Possible trauma from lifetime of oppression/discrimination and marginalization

Unsupported/Disenfranchized grief and bereavement

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