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Smythson Corporate Gifts

Our dedicated corporate team will help you design the perfect Smythson gift, whether you wish to celebrate a forthcoming event, congratulate your employees’ efforts, promote your brand or build relationships with new clients. From bespoke commissions to a redesign of one of our iconic styles, we can tailor each gift to suit your specific requirements. Our products are expertly handcrafted by our artisans in the UK, Italy and Spain.

A Personal Touch

Our products can be personalised to convey your brand identity. Our artisans will emboss your design in gold, silver and coloured foil using traditional gold- stamping techniques perfected for over 135 years. Choose to recreate your company logo, a motto, motif or your recipient’s initials.

For a Hybrid Schedule

Our nimble desk accessories are ideal for working weeks that are a blur of ever-changing scenery. Beautifully functional pencil cases, writing folders and pen holders offer all style, no fuss.

For Travel

The perfect companions for long-haul flights and business trips,each of our travel accessories and bags have been designed for professionals who live a life in perpetual motion. Whether you’re looking for custom luggage tags for long weekend breaks, or branded currency cases for far-flung globetrotting, there’s a Smythson piece for every type of traveller.

New Arrival Accessories

Ideal for those always on-the-go, our classic card cases and luggage tags are a timeless gifting option. Add their initials for a sophisticated finishing touch.

Notebooks Instantly recognisable by their blue Featherweight paper, Smythson notebooks have become an inimitable icon. Every page features our unique feather-and-globe watermark, only visible when held up to the light. Lightweight and beautiful to use, our notebooks can be personalised internally with special title pages and bespoke silk or paper linings, while their leather covers can be stamped with your chosen design.

Make It Happen Nile Blue

Live, Love, Laugh Navy

Travel and Experiences Black

Stationery In an age of emails and instant messages, a handwritten note holds endless charm. Our stationery is handcrafted by our artisans here in England using traditional printing methods and hand-fed presses. Even each individual envelope is carefully tissue-lined by hand. A custom set of stationery, perhaps made unique with an inspiring motto or motif, makes for a truly unforgettable gift. We can also create complete suites of bespoke stationery, from business cards and headed paper, to notelets and corporate holiday cards.

Smythson Diaries Smythson diaries are designed to be a constant companion. With meticulously designed content and layouts, every diary is handcrafted by our artisans here in England and filled to the brim with our trademark Featherweight paper. With options to add bespoke touches such as custom pages and company logos, our diaries can be transformed into a unique gift.

‘Once a person uses one of our diaries they never let it down...or should I never lets them down.’

— Nellie Smythson,1942

For Business

Our leather briefcases, writing folders, laptop cases and desk accessories are designed to complement the redefined working day. Ideal for navigating a commute, organising a day of virtual meetings or sprucing up one’s home study.

For Treasures and Trinkets Smythson has been crafting boxwork throughout our 135-year history, from luxury jewellery, watch and cufflink boxes to presentation cases and trinket trays. Whether it’s a bespoke centre piece for your office or a client gift, a custom- designed piece of Smythson boxwork is bound to take pride of place.

Bespoke Services

For the ultimate gift, we’ll work with you to create a unique accessory that showcases your company’s most recognisable features. Choose from an array of leathers, colours and styles to make something truly memorable, or adapt a piece from our collection to reflect your unique brand identity. The options are endless and our corporate team will be delighted to walk you through every step of the way.

Bespoke Notebooks

Our notebooks are a perfect canvas to showcase your brand or share a special message. They can be personalised with fine bespoke details, including pantone-match leather covers, custom paper colours, interiors and silk finishings. Get in touch with our consultants who will be delighted to walk you through the myriad of options available.

A bespoke commission by Veuve Clicquot, featuring a set of custom Soho and Panama notebooks. The Soho was bound in our navy crossgrain leather and gold stamped with the brand’s logo. The Panama notebook cover was pantone-matched leather to Veuve Clicquot’s iconic yellow tone and finished with contrasting foil and ribbon details. The two notebooks designs each had their own unique interior: a corporate page for the Soho version, while the Panama featured a host of inspiring messages throughout.

Bespoke Commissions: Accessories This exquisite port box was designed with W&J Graham’s to present an exclusive, limited edition collection of 130-year-old Port. Dating back to 1882, this port was first purchased by the great-grandfather of the Symington family and the historic decision to open the bottle called for an equally momentous presentation. Smythson designed a bespoke box for every bottle of ‘Ne Oublie’, accompanied by a booklet which told the tale of the family, the port and attention to detail that accompanied its presentation.

To start your gifting journey, please kindly contact our Corporate Gifts team:

UK and international: + 44 (0) 20 7318 1501


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