Issue 8 New Products 2021

New Products Issue 8 • 2021

Welcome We’re excited to present our latest New Products brochure, full of innovative, newly developed lines, manufactured by Britain’s leading brands. Additionally, we have included some existing UK favourites that are new to our product portfolio! British new product development is industry-leading, and we carefully select the fantastic lines featured within this brochure by taking insights from current UK trends. From M&M’s Brownie Chocolate to Walkers Footy Favourites, we hope you enjoy shopping the range!

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SYMBOL KEY: Organic Dairy Free

Gluten Free Vegetarian

Vegan Chilled Frozen

Fudge Brownie M&M’S have delightful notes of freshly baked brownies in a fudgy, chewy center, with a crispy outer shell!

M&M’s Cookie Chocolate Bar 165g 16 Per Case 1019971

M&M’s Fudge Brownie Pouch Bag 102g 12 Per Case 1019992

M&M’s Brownie Chocolate Bag 36g 24 Per Case 1019991

Galaxy Fusions Blonde Sea Salt 100g 20 Per Case 1019976

Galaxy Fusions 70% Dark Chocolate 100g 20 Per Case 1019977

Galaxy Fusions Dark Chocolate Raspberry Meringue 100g 20 Per Case 1019978

Premium chocolate bar sales have grown by +18.9% in the last 5 years.*

Galaxy Fusions Blonde Sea Salt 35g 19 Per Case 1019974

Galaxy Fusions 70% Dark Chocolate 35g 19 Per Case 1019975

* Mars Wrigley UK, May 2021

Lotus Biscoff & Go 45g 8 Per Case 1019634

100% plant- based, organic and made with no artificial ingredients.

Biscoff & Go offers a more convenient, portable format for on-the-go snacking!

NEW to our Everyday grocery range!

Just Wholefoods Vegebears 70g 10 Per Case AJUS-BE2

Just Wholefoods Frooty Fruits 70g 10 Per Case AJUS-FR2






*The Grocer, February 2021

Nairn’s have been stirring up their range of cereals with new fruity flavours!

Nairn’s is the market-leading brand your gluten free customers trust. Now they are expanding their versatile gluten free cereal range to include two delicious new fruit flavours. To be enjoyed as porridge or overnight oats, in baking, smoothies and desserts, Oats Your Way in Apple & Cinnamon or Blueberry will brighten up your Free From displays, big time.

An extra 53.5 million

packs of cereal went through the tills this year, adding £152.1m to the market.*

5 Per Case



Booch & Brew Apple Elderflower Kombucha 300ml 12 Per Case ABB-AEK

Booch & Brew Ginger Yuzu 300ml 12 Per Case ABB-GYK

Booch & Brew Strawberry

Pineapple Kombucha 300ml 12 Per Case ABB-SPK


Robinsons Double Strength Blackcurrant No Added Sugar Fruit Squash 1 Litre 12 Per Case 1061769

The Robinsons brand accounts for over half of all convenience squash sales (52%).**

The Squash category is worth £47m in the convenience channel, growing at +21%.**

*The Grocer, January 2021 **Britvic, December 2020

The canned goods category is worth £2.76bn total, after seeing value rise by 19.6%. That’s an extra £452.8m, with every sector in value and volume growth.*

Baxters’ plant- based soup has been one of its most successful products, netting more than £1m since its launch last April and attracting younger and lighter shoppers.*

Baxters Sweet Potato Soup 380g 6 Per Case 1033579

Baxters Jackfruit & Bean Soup 380g 6 Per Case 1033578

Baxters Squash & Lentil Soup 380g 6 Per Case 1033580

*Baxters via The Grocer, April 2021

Tikka Curry Meat free Chicken style pieces in a medium curry sauce with coconut cream, tomatoes & aromatic spices.

Szechuan Curry Meat free chicken style pieces in a hot spicy sticky chilli Szechuan sauce.

Korma Curry Meat free Chicken style pieces in a mild curry sauce with coconut cream.

We Can Vegan Tikka Curry 400g 12 Per Case AWE-TIKKA

We Can Vegan Korma Curry 400g 12 Per Case AWE-KORMA

We Can Vegan Szechuan Curry 400g

12 Per Case AWE-1076

With five individually wrapped mini loaves per pack,

Soreen Fruit & Vegmms Berry Beetroot Bakes 150g 8 Per Case 3949246

eating fruit and veg has never been easier or tastier; it’s no wonder Soreen Fruit & Veg- Mmms are loved by kids and approved by grown-ups!

Xbox Controller Cake Single 2 Per Case 3941180

Introducing NEW OGGS BITES Tasty, plant- based bites without compromise...

...made using totally natural, completely plant-based and entirely ethical ingredients.

OGGS® Brownie Bites 126g 9 Per Case 3940161

OGGS® Millionaire Bites 126g 9 Per Case 3940162


Epic cakes that taste as good as you’ve always known them, but are wonderfully vegan too!

OGGS® Victoria Sponge Cakes 184g 6 Per Case 3940157

OGGS® Chocolate Fudge Cakes 184g 6 Per Case 3940158

Gü Milk Chocolate Mousse with Caramelised Biscuit Desserts 2x70g 6 Per Case 3701170

Gü Inspirations Chocolate & Honeycomb Desserts 2x86.5g 6 Per Case 3701169

Gü Light Double Chocolate Desserts 2x78g 4 Per Case 3701168

Thorntons Gooey Caramel Trifle 550g 6 Per Case 3701853

Thorntons Chocolate & Caramel Trifle 2x95g 8 Per Case 3701852

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have looked for little ways to treat ourselves, and it’s the more indulgent sectors such as chocolate ice cream sticks that have performed especially well.*



Magnum Classic & Mint Ice Cream 6x55ml 6 Per Case 2028017

Magnum Double Raspberry & Chocolate Ice Cream 6x60ml 6 Per Case 2028037

Magnum has launched its ice cream tubs range in packaging made from recycled plastic, following a successful trial launch last year.*

Magnum Double Ruby Berries & Cream Ice Cream

Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire Ice Cream Tub 440ml 8 Per Case 2027507

Tub 440ml 8 Per Case 2027508

*The Grocer, February 2021

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Please be advised that all lines are subject to availability and minimum order quantities for our ranges apply.

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