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exceeded the criterion set forth by both the FDA and EMA (European Medicines Agency) for obesity medications. This was regardless of whether the patients evaluated were Type 2 diabetics, and that it achieved these results with “no safety concerns”. [2] • A more recent double-blind trial involved nearly 2,000 individuals who were not diagnosed with diabetes and had a BMI over 30. When individuals implemented other lifestyle changes such as exercise, this study found the mean change in body weight after 68 weeks of semaglutide treatment was -14.9%. The placebo group only saw a -2.4% change. [3] • Another interesting study from 2020 concluded that semaglutide provides superior weight loss efficacy with no demonstrable link to “gastrointestinal adverse events.” Gastrointestinal adverse events included negative side effects in the stomach and digestive system, such as stomachaches and diarrhea. [4] • Yet another study focusing on semaglutide and weight loss paired the substance (or, alternately, a placebo) with intensive behavioral therapy and a low-calorie diet. This study also concluded that semaglutide use resulted in demonstrably superior weight loss outcomes. [5]

How Does Semaglutide Work?

Semaglutide is in a class of medications called glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) agonists. GLP-1 agonists work by stimulating your pancreas to increase insulin. This additional insulin causes the stomach to empty over a longer period of time. The idea of the stomach processing food more slowly can seem counterintuitive to patients who have turned to stimulant-based diet pills in the past. However, this slow and consistent digestion is merely an early step in the chain reaction that makes semaglutide such an effective weight loss drug. When your stomach takes more time to empty itself of food, it sends signals of “fullness” to the brain. This signal is sent throughout a larger portion of your day, even if you’re eating less food than usual. The end result of this process is a powerful appetite suppression effect based on the patient’s own natural insulin production. This means patients can benefit from medically assisted weight loss without any need for invasive surgeries or harsh stimulants. A semaglutide regimen will also lead to healthier blood sugar levels, which can help you feel more energetic throughout your day. Stabilized and controlled blood sugar levels can also help improve other areas of your overall health. Even if you aren’t at risk for diabetes, this effect can contribute to a general sense of well-being, which is a crucial component in any weight loss journey.

With potent medications like semaglutide, it’s extremely important to adhere to your prescribed dosing schedule. Your body needs time to adjust to such powerful medicine, so it is crucial to titrate your dose up slowly. This will be done in the clinic by your provider.

During this gentle increase in dosage, patients should be aware of any unwanted side effects such as:

• Loss of appetite (i.e., constant feelings of fullness that go beyond the desired results) • Light-headed or dizzy sensations • Persistent lethargic feeling


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