Colonels Cage and Aviary Range May 2018

History Bartholomews is a long established Bird Food Manufacturer and Supplier and is proud to be a family run company with a heritage of over 130 years in agriculture. Our foundation of trade was built in animal feeds, ranging from farm livestock and equine, to both wild and exotic birds. The company developed into the arable sector, where we maintain our reputation for providing quality and value to our customers, whilst also instigating sustainable agricultural practices that provide safe, healthy and affordable food that protects and enhance to environment and its wildlife. We have earned an excellent reputation with our Colonels, Gem and Avian Specific ranges and offer a wide variety of diets to cater for the feeding needs of Cage & Aviary Birds, Wild Bird and Pigeons. We are focused on high levels of quality and service which demonstrates why we are considered to be one of the leading Bird Food Manufacturers in the UK. Cage and Aviary For aviculturists, the most important item to select for your collection of birds is a diet which uses ingredients of the highest quality, supplying a high level of nutrition at an affordable price. The Colonels Range of birdseed mixtures has been specifically formulated as natural seed-based blends of premium quality; providing variety, stimulation and satisfying the nutritional needs of most bird species. This range of products will satisfy your bird’s natural instinct and appetite which, in turn, will encourage foraging behaviour and stimulation, preventing boredom and related illness. This will ensure you have happy, healthy, active birds in prime condition throughout their lives. Our comprehensive range of mixtures in designed specifically for cage and aviary birds and with such a wide variety of diets and mixtures to choose from, every need is catered for.

2 Cage and Aviary Mixtures

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