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Sciatica: How Physical Therapy Can Help

Self-Test for Sciatica

If you’re experiencing sciatica, contact a physician immediately. Medical News Today asserts that over-the-counter painkillers may alleviate pain, but in-depth physical therapy is often needed. Physical therapy can reduce sciatica compression by carefully introducing exercises and relaxing treatments. These treatments, hand picked by medical professionals, can completely eliminate sciatica over time. If you’re experiencing back pain, don’t wait. Call one of our professionals today, and ask about physical therapy options. Your mobility is important, and your back can absolutely be healed. Are you letting back pain hold you back? Call Clinton County Physical Therapy to schedule your appointment today!

1. Sitting on a chair, look down. 2. Straighten one leg, with toes in the air. 3. Repeat for the other side. Follow these steps:

What it means: If the leg with pain, numbness or tinglingdoesnotgoupashighas the other leg,you likelyhavesciatica.Your nextstep istoseewhat iscausingthe pressure on your sciatic nerve.


Kim Hayes PTA Kim attended Davenport University and graduated from the Physical Therapy Assistant program. She has been treating patients since 1997 in areas such as outpatient, inpatient and aquatic therapy. Kim was raised in Ithaca, MI, and enjoys working in the community. When she’s not at work, Kim enjoys spending time with her husband, and her three children. Kim also actively participates in church activities, stays active by walking, biking and strength training.




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