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JUNE 2020

Welcome to our June 2020 issue of The Heart of Herzlia, albeit in a different world! This year, Herzlia celebrates 80 years as a world-class Jewish community school. When we were making plans to launch our 80th fundraising campaign and our celebratory events around this milestone, we could never have imagined where we would find ourselves today. The world as we knew it has changed and as we all try and adapt to what that means for each one of us, what has not changed is the critical work of The Herzlia Foundation Trust. As you will read in this edition of the Heart of Herzlia each one of our eight Herzlia schools responded to the COVID-19 crisis with remarkable agility and resilience. The Herzlia Foundation Trust must follow suit to continue to ensure that Herzlia will be around for another 80 years providing a world class Jewish education to the Jewish children within our precious Cape Town community!

In this issue of the Heart of Herzlia you will read personal accounts from teachers and pupils sharing their experiences of life during COVID-19 from a Herzlia perspective. This pandemic and the almost seamless move to online learning has created and provided the space and opportunity for teachers, parents and children to work together and take responsibility in a new way during very difficult circumstances. Herzlia's adaptability and agility to ensure that every child is supported, held and guided through this time of learning is a truly remarkable achievement. The commitment to each child's education remains one of Herzlia's core objectives and the partnership between school and family remains more critical than ever before. We had planned many celebrations to honour Herzlia's 80th which will now be taking on a different format. We will continue to update you with these details. Please like and follow our Facebook page to be kept informed and updated. At this critical time, we turn once again to you, our generous donors to ensure that every Jewish child nas the opportunity of a world-class Jewish education at the tip of Africa which is testimony_ to our 80th year as a Jewish community school. When we look back on this time, we all need to be able to say, "I stood up when it counted, when so many of our community needed help." We need you now. With our deep appreciation for your continued and committed support - stay safe!

AMANDA ZAR The Herzlia Foundation Trust oe

The Herzlia Foundation Trust's 80th campaign is a vital part of this sustainability and now more than everweneedyou to consider your generous support of our schools through our Endowment. To contextualise, Herzlia was supporting 160 families prior to theworldwide pandemic, that number now includes an additional 180 families at a cost of R860 000 per month. What hasn't changed and remains more important today than ever t:iefore, is the critical need for our 80th campaign to rise to the challenge of this unforeseen expenditure.

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