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Sales Manager UK IE Alex Rhodes


We have the right perennials for you

Welcome to our newest Perennials catalogue. Within it you find out about our latest assortment of spring and summer perennials for both indoor and outdoor production. I am proud to announce that we have a new award winning variety in our range. On page 99 you can read more about our Hayday Gol- den Bicolor. This helenium autumnale proved to be one of the four best performing varieties in the FleuroSelect annual trials of 2021. On page 15 you can read about Heat Lover; a collection of series and varieties which perform well in direct sun and dry conditions. They require less watering and recover quickly from wilting. And let us introduce you to the Syngenta Flowers Stars! It is a limited selection of series and varieties that we hope will definitely convince you and your customers. This collection of top varieties comes with a unique, recognizable POS style that will boost your sales. Read further on page 12.

We have again included Calendar Colours on pages 16 to 45. Since it has proven to be a helpful tool to plan perennials per selling month, and makes it easier for your customers to choose from pe- rennials of different species that can be sold at the same time. We also have a few newcomers this year. A beautiful addition is for example Erysimum Canaries Goldfinch, providing economical early sales in larger pots.

And last but not least, my favourite newcomer: Lithodora Tidepool

I like that this variety has vivid blue flower early in the season, and tidy plant habit.

Best Regards, Alex Rhodes

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