1122 Laurel Ave - Digital Brochure $215,000

Year Built:

Heat Type: Fuel Type:


Hot Water

Finished Sq Ft:

Tax: 1,228 MLS: 1,257


Estimated Value RealAVM™ (1):

Confidence Score (2):



RealAVM™ Range:

Forecast Standard Deviation (3): 16

$205,992 - $284,466

Value As Of: 03/12/2017 (1) RealAVM™ is a CoreLogic® derived value and should not be used in lieu of an appraisal.

(2) The Confidence Score is a measure of the extent to which sales data, property information, and comparable sales support the property valuation analysis process. The confidence score range is 60 - 100. Clear and consistent quality and quantity of data drive higher confidence scores while lower confidence scores indicate diversity in data, lower quality and quantity of data, and/or limited similarity of the subject property to comparable sales. (3) The FSD denotes confidence in an AVM estimate and uses a consistent scale and meaning to generate a standardized confidence metric. The FSD is a statistic that measures the likely range or dispersion an AVM estimate will fall within, based on the consistency of the information available to the AVM at the time of estimation. The FSD can be used to create confidence that the true value has a statistical degree of certainty. Listing Information MLS Listing Number: 4805299 MLS Orig. List Price: $210,000 MLS Status: Active MLS Listing Agent : 505005157-Joe Stradcutter MLS Listing Date: 03/16/2017 MLS Listing Broker : REDFIN CORPORATION MLS Current List Price: $215,000 Last Market Sale & Sales History Owner Name: Freeman Delores A Owner Name 2: Mcintosh Debra T Recording Date 10/21/1999 Sale/Settlement Date 10/21/1999 Sale Price $500 Nominal Y Buyer Name Freeman Delores A Seller Name Mcintosh Debra T Document Type Quit Claim Deed Property Map

*Lot Dimensions are Estimated

The data within this report is compiled by CoreLogic from public and private sources. If desired, the accuracy of the data contained herein can be independently verified by the recipient of this report with the applicable county or municipality. Courtesy of Chris Prescott, NorthstarMLS

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