1122 Laurel Ave - Digital Brochure $215,000


Christopher B. Coleman, Mayor CITY OF SAINT PAUL, MN

Steve Magner, Manager of Code Enforcement

Mary Gleich-Matthews, Truth-in-Sale of Housing Manager

Phone: 651-266-8989 Fax: 651-266-1919 Web: www.stpaul.gov/dsi

Truth-in-Sale of Housing Report This is a visual disclosure report based on the current City of Saint Paul Truth-in-Sale of Housing Evaluator Guidelines and is valid for one year from the date of issuance and for the owner named.

Saint Paul, MN 55101-1806

Date of Expiration: Feb 27, 2018 Date of Evaluation: Feb 27, 2017 Property Address: 1122 LAUREL AVE

This report is intended to provide basic information to the home buyer and seller prior to the time of sale.

This report WILL NOT be used to enforce the requirements of the Legislative Code; however, it will be used to determine if there is compliance with the requirements for sale within the City of Saint Paul, MN.

TISH Overall Rating



Below Minimum Meets Minimum Requirements



MAJOR NOTIFICATIONS AND WARNINGS For questions on these items, call the City's Information and Complaint Line at 651-266-8989 • Residential Type: Single Family Dwelling • Smoke Detectors: • Smoke Detector Present: Y • Smoke Detector Properly Located: Y • Smoke Detector Hard Wired (required in Single Family Homes): N • Smoke Detector Comments: H - Hard-wired smoke detector missing near sleeping rooms • Open Permits: This property has No Open Permits.

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