1122 Laurel Ave - Digital Brochure $215,000

Report Rating Key ( Where there are multiple rooms to a category, the Evaluator must specify the room to which a Comment is related )

H: Hazardous Condition

B: Below Minimum

C: See Comments NV: Not Visible

M: Meets Minimum NA: Not Applicable

Requirements N: No


Y: Yes

87c. Foundation Insulation: Depth 88a. Knee Wall Insulation: Present 88b. Knee Wall Insulation: Type NA 88c. Knee Wall Insulation: Depth NA 89a. Rim Joist Insulation: Present N 89b. Rim Joist Insulation: Type NA 89c. Rim Joist Insulation: Depth NA General 90. Carbon Monoxide Alarm M General Comments NA NA

Smoke Detectors 41a. Present

H - Hard-wired smoke detector missing near sleeping rooms


41b. Properly Located

41c. Hard-Wire


Feb 27, 2017

Evaluator: Mike Moser M. J. Moser

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