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EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN The needs of our students and the workforce we serve are always changing. Today we serve a population on the decline in some areas of our district, and we continue to see declining enrollments as a result. We also face the added reality that our student mix has shifted to a high percentage of part-time students. Clearly, our ability to offer dynamic programs and flexible scheduling and delivery modes (e.g., online vs. face to face) and improve student outcomes is essential to our continued value as an educational provider of choice in our campus communities. When it comes to how we align and coordinate our efforts to improve student outcomes, we look to our Educational Master Plan. Finalized in spring 2016, The EMP identifies actions to support the College’s institutional 2015–2020 Strategic Plan. It is based on an honest look at what the data says about our strengths, gaps, and opportunities for the future. The Five Rs of the EMP The EMP calls on us to work together to improve student outcomes with comprehensive instructional On the Same Page with the Educational Master Plan (EMP)

planning, provides the blueprint for planning in Academics, and is aligned with our Strategic Plan Breakthrough Strategy 2 to establish dynamic programs, flexible scheduling, and delivery modes that respond to current and emerging workforce and student needs. The EMP is addresses these emerging needs through the 5 Rs—right programs, right curriculum, right format/delivery mode, right locations, and right time. That’s a lot to get right, and doing it will require us to think strategically and even reorganize. At its core, the EMP is designed to meet the needs of students and employers. Students will have even better career opportunities when we better align our program offerings with the needs of employers in our districts. Employers will of course have access to a workforce with the right skills when we deliver a programming mix that aligns with their needs. It’s a vision whose time has come. How We’re Getting There The EMP has reorganized our academics, moved us to a learning commons model, and led to significant staffing changes to make it all possible.


Mid-State Connect Winter 2017

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