King's Business - 1950-04

new concept in Christian education We’ve studied the need foryoung peopletoday...YOUNG PEOPLE in Europe, Britain, The East, Latin America, South and North America. . .THEY ne d Knowledge. . . Yes, but knowledge on FIRE by the Spirit of God. Young People need to know the Book, the Blood, and the Blessed Hope. Grounded upon a solid foundation they will be able to me t life’s problems squarely. AtNorthwesternwe’ve made it possible to combine HighAcademic standards withpractical fundamental training.

Now at Northwestern it is possible to combine workwithtraining. Seventy-five percent of Northwestern’s studentsare working for a part of their school expenses.

It'$ all explained interestingly in w r new catalogue. Write for your copy today, booklet F 29. KD4

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