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HOW DO I GET STARTED? Why play golf? Because it’s fun! We are thrilled that you are considering playing. There is no better place to play than Wilmington Country Club, and there are several great ways to get involved. Whether joining an instructional event, a social event on the course, or just playing a few holes with some friends, there are many ways to make the game fit your needs. The easiest way to get started is to stop by the Golf Shop and speak to a member of the Professional Staff. That way we can chat about what will work best for you. Know that you are welcome. You can also send an email to Michael Shank, Director of Golf, at WHERE IS EVERYTHING LOCATED? The Golf Shop is located between the Pool and the Pub. Once in the Golf Shop a member of the Professional Staff would be happy to show you the location of all golf facilities. Call ahead to schedule a full tour, (302) 655-6022, or simply stop by. Wilmington has two 18-hole golf courses, a double-ended practice range with three indoor/outdoor hitting bays, seven putting greens, two wedge practice ranges and a golf simulator. We hope that you take advantage of all the wonderful facilities. DO I NEED GOLF CLUBS? Not at all! Members always have complimentary access to borrow the latest in golf club technology with a full trial set or demo clubs. Once you have decided to play a bit more the Professional Staff can assist you in finding the right set of clubs for you. We offer club fittings at no charge and sell golf clubs for the minimum MAP price. Club fittings may be scheduled just like a lesson using the ForeTees app or calling the Golf Shop, (302) 655-6022. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? The Golf Shop is filled with apparel and Golf Shop Manager Lori Donatello is always available to assist in putting together some great fashion for the course. Please see below for our official dress code: Golfers are required to observe good taste and dress appropriately when using the golf facilities. Clothing should be clean and fit properly. Items of clothing such as: blue jeans/dungarees, “short”

shorts, mini-skirts, cut-offs, running shorts, tennis outfits, flip flops, bathing suits, health shirts, tank tops, bare midriff tops, sweat shirts, fitness attire, no tops, bare feet and excessively baggy or ripped clothing are not considered appropriate. Men’s shirts must have a collar. Ladies’ collarless shirts must have sleeves to avoid similarity to tank tops. Shirt should be worn tucked in with the exception of a style that is designed to be worn out. Shorts for men and shorts, skirts/skorts for women should be approximately “Bermuda length”. The Golf Shop merchandise may be used as a guideline for what is appropriate attire. Have a question about the dress code? Please ask, we are happy to assist. WHAT ARE THE RULES? Like the rest of the Club, there are certain rules in the golf area that assist in making the member experience outstanding. You can see a full list of the Golf Rules right here. Looking for the basics? Spend a few minutes with us in the Golf Shop so that we can explain the rules that apply to how you are going to use the facilities. WHO CAN I PLAY WITH? You are welcome to play with any other Senior or Associate member any time. You are also welcome to bring a guest or guests. We ask that you kindly call the Golf Shop, (302) 655-6022, in advance of any guest play. Certain restrictions on time of day may apply. A great way to play golf is with a few friends. The Golf Shop is always happy to make introductions if you are looking for a playing partner. ARE THERE EVENTS I CAN PARTICIPATE IN? Absolutely! Depending on your comfort level there are many terrific playing opportunities for new players. We have a variety of casual events designed to create a low stress, fun environment, for both women and men. Contact a member of the Professional Staff to see which events may fit you best.

DO I NEED A HANDICAP? HOW CAN I GET ONE? Getting a handicap has never been easier. With the new World Handicap System established in 2020, only three 18-hole (or six 9-hole) scores are needed to establish an official handicap. Scores can be posted directly to an app on your phone, or on one of the terminals in the Clubhouse. Contact the Golf Shop to sign-up. HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY GOLF? HOW DO CLINICS AND LESSONS WORK? Golf is simply more fun when you are hitting good shots and getting better. Led by PGA Director of Instruction Bob Lennon, Wilmington has six Golf Professionals available to help you enjoy the game more. You can take individual lessons, create your own clinic at a time of your choosing with friends, or join an organized coaching event. All of the instructional offerings are listed here. GOLF PROFESSIONAL STAFF Michael Shank , PGA Director of Golf Bob Lennon , PGA Director of Instruction Chad Halvonik , Senior PGA Assistant Golf Professional Andrea Grier , PGA Assistant Golf Professional Cole Young, Assistant Professional Matthew Zehner, Assistant Professional

Golf Shop : (302) 655-6022

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