New to Golf FAQ

shorts, mini-skirts, cut-offs, running shorts, tennis outfits, flip flops, bathing suits, health shirts, tank tops, bare midriff tops, sweat shirts, fitness attire, no tops, bare feet and excessively baggy or ripped clothing are not considered appropriate. Men’s shirts must have a collar. Ladies’ collarless shirts must have sleeves to avoid similarity to tank tops. Shirt should be worn tucked in with the exception of a style that is designed to be worn out. Shorts for men and shorts, skirts/skorts for women should be approximately “Bermuda length”. The Golf Shop merchandise may be used as a guideline for what is appropriate attire. Have a question about the dress code? Please ask, we are happy to assist. WHAT ARE THE RULES? Like the rest of the Club, there are certain rules in the golf area that assist in making the member experience outstanding. You can see a full list of the Golf Rules right here. Looking for the basics? Spend a few minutes with us in the Golf Shop so that we can explain the rules that apply to how you are going to use the facilities. WHO CAN I PLAY WITH? You are welcome to play with any other Senior or Associate member any time. You are also welcome to bring a guest or guests. We ask that you kindly call the Golf Shop, (302) 655-6022, in advance of any guest play. Certain restrictions on time of day may apply. A great way to play golf is with a few friends. The Golf Shop is always happy to make introductions if you are looking for a playing partner. ARE THERE EVENTS I CAN PARTICIPATE IN? Absolutely! Depending on your comfort level there are many terrific playing opportunities for new players. We have a variety of casual events designed to create a low stress, fun environment, for both women and men. Contact a member of the Professional Staff to see which events may fit you best.

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