Big English 2 Teacher Book Level 2


Speaking • Can express likes and dislikes in relation to familiar topics in a basic way. • Can ask a range of questions in guessing games to find the answer. Writing • Can write some familiar words. • Can write the letters of the alphabet in lower case. Grammar • Can use can to refer to ability in the present and near future. Wild Animals

Objectives Reading • Can follow simple dialogs in short illustrated stories, if they can listen while reading. • Can identify key information in short, simple factual texts from the headings and illustrations. • Can understand basic written instructions for classroom activities (e.g. Read and match ). Listening • Can recognize familiar words and phrases in short, simple songs or chants. • Can recognize familiar words in short phrases and sentences spoken slowly and clearly, if supported by pictures or gestures. • Can understand the letters of the alphabet by their names.

Unit Projects

Family Connection Have students interview their family members about their favorite animals. Have students find pictures of the animals in classroom resources such as encyclopedias, nonfiction books, or the internet. Have them share the pictures with the class and identify the animals. Model by saying: My sister likes koalas.

T Unit 8 Overview

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