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of the Airbus solution and the idea of general project management improvement for the customer as well as the service provider. The usability of the tools depends on the current status of the organization and can be selected on demand on cooperation with the customer. The PMFS Tools contain hard learning and processes as well as human factors and coaching to develop the acting persons as well as the organization structure.The generic steps for the change - Generating contacts for the strategic management for sponsorship - Analyzing the project management situation,project status,tools,processes,and standards

- Matching the PMFSToolbox with the situation and requirements - Creating a customized solution by using the PMFS toolbox elements.

howdifferent are we? Alla Roller has done her graduation in Adult Education/Human Resource development in Germany. She was working in a consultant company on strategyandqualityassuranceprojects.Sheisinternationallyorientatedand has working experiences in China and India.At Atyaasaa she is developing casestudies,designingworkshopsandhandlingprojects. space for everyone Alla Roller

India along with China is expected to have the highest gross domestic product in the world. This significant rise attracts German companies to explore business opportunities in India.Many of them like Siemens,Volkswagen, Bosch Group settled down already and more companies are treading the same path. However, after entering the Indian market many of these enterprises are

facing cross-cultural problems when it comes to collaborations between German and Indian employees. Being in India for four months now, I’m still wondering how different we are. Let me share some of these aspects with you. Germans for example like to plan and make long termed decisions in detail, Indians however prefer short-term plans and staying flexible in their decisions. Furthermore Indians tend to attach more value to develop relationships than business.Germans on the other hand like to focus immediately on the task. A question like“Are you married?”might be conceived by a German as very coarse as they strictly separate privacy and business. The meaning of time and deadlines shows further differences between both cultures. Germans have the tendency to attach great importance to punctuality and adherence to deadlines. Indians however tend to stay “flexible” and to see time and deadlines as something eternal. Also the communication style differentiates immensely. German business people are used to communicate and criticise directly and in a straight forward manner. Indians though are clammed

sometimes by a “never say no” habit and prefer an indirect communication style.

Summarizing, the German business people might be conceived as unfriendly, arrogant or less emotional, with a lack of flexibility and spontaneity.The Indian business style on the other hand might be misinterpretedbyGermans concerninga lack of long-termplanning and sustainability, a missing ability to criticise and an“unnecessary” requirement of hierarchy in decisionmaking. Misunderstandings, frustration and unproductive work might be the result of those differentiations.To avoid conflicts it is important to be aware that these differences are based on deep cultural values and culture is never right or wrong, it is only different! What helped me personally a lot is keeping a positive mindset and trying to find the reasons for these differences. So why don’t you just drop your prejudices,expectations and your common habits? Open yourmind and explore a new cultural world!


Niket Karajagi is the founder director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited,Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions. Niket is an authority on creativity & innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding of management processes

My discussion in this issue is about the human mind that powers theWorld Class Organization.

It is not easy to findor create aglobal mindset. Aglobal mindhas the ability to tap into the infinite possibilities.Then there is also an embedded belief that one can do well in the global“arena”. This belief propels the mind into a space of confidence & excitement to take on the best in the Industry.It is a pure simple ‘Pygmalion Effect’: what you believe in becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I also believe one has to have passion for global markets. It is a mind that operates in a limitless business space and fears no territory. Once these territorial boundaries collapse, the thought then gets momentum to freely experiment.This then creates a true global mindset. There is however one important factor that cannot be ignored.The global mindsets need to have an immense craving to emerge as the best & drive for excellence must become the defining force.The journey of a of a global mindset thus continues from one market to the next, experimenting with various challenges to experience its quest for excellence. Finally we need to look at what creates this mind. I believe there is an impactful experience in one’s own life that makes this mind set high benchmarks &motivates it to go for this big creative game.It is a quest of a“creator”in self tomanifest & experience the infinite.A lot is lost and a lot is gained in this game. A true global mindset stands tall during the lows andmaintains head on its shoulders when it experiences a high. As it is said after every high there is a low.As the game gets bigger the highs and lows get bigger.

My best wishes for all those who wish to enjoy this game of“Global Success”.

Consistently doing what you can do best is efficiency. Achievement is an experiment of continuously doing what you felt you could not. Organizations must change their paradigms to practice the latter else perish in this fiercely competitive world.

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