AFAS 2020 Annual Report

EDUCATION Support Higher Education is a key to advancement and future success. Dependent children and spouses of Airmen and Guardians can work toward their dreams of a college degree with AFAS education grants, scholarships and loans.

In 2020, $5.8 million in total Education Support was provided to dependent children and spouses.


Arnold Education Grants are the centerpiece of the Society’s education support initiatives. The grants are awarded to eligible, qualifying Air Force and Space Force dependents (spouses and children). The selection criteria is uniquely tailored to recognize the proper weighing of family income and education costs. The Arnold Education Grants range from $500 to $4,000, with specific amount awarded based upon a student’s individual level of financial need. For academic year 2020-21, AFAS awarded $5.5 million in Arnold Education Grants to 1,999 dependent scholars. AFAS MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS Each year AFAS awards a number of merit-based scholarships as a complement to the needs-based support allocated through the Arnold Education Grants program. Incoming college freshmen being consid- ered for the Arnold Education Grant who exhibit the highest levels of scholarship will be invited to apply for an AFAS Merit Scholarship. Applicants will be selected based on cumulative GPA, high school transcripts, and an essay written on a specified topic. For academic year 2020-2021, AFAS awarded $141,000 in Merit Scholarships to 38 Air Force dependent scholars. • 19 outstanding incoming freshmen students were selected to receive $5,000 Merit Scholarships • 18 outstanding incoming freshmen students were selected to receive $2,500 Merit Scholarships • 1 outstanding incoming freshman students received $1,000 Merit Scholarships AFAS SUPPLEMENTAL LOAN PROGRAM Scholarships and grants don’t pay for everything. Air Force Aid Society offers the no-interest Supplemental Education Loan to help. Active Duty,

Total Education Support $5.8M

Retired Airmen 62%

Total Force 36.5%

Surving Spouse/ Children of deceased Airmen /Guardians 1.5%

Active Guard/Reserve, Retired and Retired Reserve Air Force/Space Force families whose financial need has been established through the Arnold Education Grant application process are eligible. For academic year 2020-21, AFAS provided 68 families with Supplemental Education Loans totaling $74,650 . COVID EDUCATION (INTEREST-FREE) LOAN AFAS provided $81,600 in assistance to Air Force and Space Force families with dependents attending college who were impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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