AFAS 2020 Annual Report


Thank you to our Airmen Guardians – active duty, retired, guard and reservists’ personnel for your support.

A special thanks to the Air Force Personnel Center staff, William D’vanzo the Air Force Fundraising Chief, and our Installation Project Officers (IPO), Unit Project Officers (UPO)and Key Workers who run the campaigns at the base level. Each year we recognize the IPOs and UPOs from the “Top Performing” and “Most Improved” installations. Once this year’s results were tabulated, we are happy to announce that Alconbury Air Force Base was selected again this year as the top performing base when they exceeded their performance goal by 44% (achieved 144% of goal). The most improved base for 2020 was Osan Air Base who saw a 166% increase in their percent of goal number year over year. Every dollar raised each year goes back to the Air Force and Space Force com- munity through the Air Force Aid Society and the three Air Force Assistance Fund charities that support Air Force and Space Force families. “A GREAT TEAM AND THE LOVE FOR HELPING OTHERS IS ALL YOU NEED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.” – MSgt Ridges

ALCONBURY IPO: MSgt Quinton J. Ridges Assistant IPO: TSgt Georgia H. Griffis

OSAN IPO: Capt Phoebe M. Blakeley Assistant IPO: MSgt David M. Trott

AFAS.ORG / 2020 Annual Report

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