AFAS 2020 Annual Report

Ms. Lauren Lyles Ms. Alexis Macivor Maj Donald MacSparran Brig Gen and Col Patrick Malackowski, USAF (Ret)

Ms. Beth B. Buehlmann Dr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Burkett

Mr. Kristopher Mailen Mr. Christopher Mansfeld Lt Col Craig S. Matsuda, USAF (Ret) Ms. Dawn McCormick Col and Mrs. Shaun McGrath, USAF (Ret) Mr. John Medeiros Maj Gen and Mrs. Roosevelt Mercer, Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Edward Merz SMSgt Leonard R. Mika, USAF (Ret) MSgt and Mrs. James S. Miller The Honorable and Mrs. Michael Montelongo Lt Col Kenneth Moore CMSgt and Mrs. Gerald R. Murray, USAF (Ret) Ms. Rebecca B. Neal Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Olsen A1C and Mrs. Christopher L. Parker Maj Gen Timothy Peppe, USAF (Ret) and Colonel RJ Peppe, USAF (Ret) The Honorable and Mrs. F. Whitten Peters Ms. June Pierce-Shuler Mrs. Louise Poo Mr. and Mrs. John V. Powell Maj Andrew X. Richardson Dr. Dorothy Riess Lt Gen and Mrs. Darryl Roberson, USAF (Ret) Col Richard Rock Ms. Althea Samuels Capt Jeanette Scheppann, USAF (Ret) Ms. Daniella Schwartz Lt Col Gregory Shoales Col and Mrs. Douglas W. Slothower, USAF (Ret) Col and Mrs. David Snell, USAF (Ret) Ms. Ronda Starnell Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Terry Ms. Julie Tolan Ms. Jean Wadsworth Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Wall Mr. Steven Wolf Mr. Stephen R. Wright The Honorable Michael W. Wynne Lt Gen and Mrs. Michael E. Zettler, USAF (Ret)

Ms. Carol A. Butcher Mr. Thomas Butcher Mr. Dennis Cameron Mr. James Cannaday Mr. Jim Cartmill Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Chappelle Mr. Vincent Condello Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Conomacos Dr. and Ms. Mark B. Constantian Gen and Mrs. Donald G. Cook, USAF (Ret) Ms. Joyce A. Cook Mr. Walter R. Cooper Mr. Frank Corazza Col John S. Costello Mr. Douglas Cummings Mr. and Dr. Gregory E. Dale Col Frank V. Damiano, USAF (Ret) CMSgt Suanne R. Davendonis Mrs. Patricia Doi-Morton CMSgt Danny Doucette, USAF, (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. William Drennan Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Fleming Lt Col Elroy Flom Ms. Laura Foster Col and Mrs. James L. Gates MSgt James J. Gaughan, USAF, (Ret) Ms. Peggy Greenberg Mr. Matthew Grenier Mrs. Julie A. Guffey Maj Eric Gumbs The Honorable Robert F. Hale Ms. Martha Handler Mrs. Tara Healey Maj Gen and Mrs. Kenneth W. Hess, USAF (Ret) Mr. Thomas Hintz Mr. Jack Hogan Ms. Patricia Hogue Lt Col Brian Holland Mr. David Holland Ms. Patti Hollenbeck Gen and Mrs. Mike Hostage, III, USAF (Ret) Col Paul Humel Mr. Bernard Hund Maj and Mrs. Robert C. Hunt, USAF (Ret) Ms. Amy Hyde Mr. Alan Jackson Dr. William W. Jennings Ms. Deborah Jermunson Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Johnson Maj Norwood Johnson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kevin Jones Gen and Mrs. John Jumper, USAF (Ret) Mr. Joseph Kanfer Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kern Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Kirr Mrs. Gabrielle Kuness Mr. David Lange Ms. Melissa F. Larson Mr. and Mrs. James Lauducci Mr. Richard Lewis Gen and Mrs. John M. Loh, USAF (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Love

Mr. Michael Manavdjian Mr. Michael Masterson

Ms. Cynthia Mateu Ms. Julie McAdoo Lt Col Jimmy McCaslin Maj and Mrs. Gary E. McDaniel Mr. Cornelius McHugh Col Jay Mengel Col and Mrs. Dean C. Merchant Mr. James Mersereau Lt Col and Mrs. David E. Meyer Mr. James Mills Mr. Paul M. Moore The Honorable William A. Moorman Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mount Brig Gen Sean Murphy Mr. Steven Nilsen Mr. Brian O’Dell Mr. John Ostapovich

Ms. Phia Paterno Mr. Parker Paulin Mr. Alan Paxton Mrs. Gayle Peterson Maj Howard Pfeuffer, USAF (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. David T. Poiesz Mr. Robert A. Powell Lt Col and Mrs. Frederick J. Prahl, USAF (Ret) Ms. Jane M. Pritchard Mr. Robert Provost Mr. James Pryor Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Rappold Mr. Norman L. Riley Lt Col John W. Roberts Mr. David Robinson Lt Col and Mrs. Harry Rosen Mr. William Roth

Mr. Thomas G. Rowen Ms. Aliza Sacknovitz Mr. Matthew Saunders Col Gary Selin Maj Jacob R. Shafer, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael R. Sheller Ms. Lauren Shuff Mr. Kevin Slone Mr. Kevin Smith Mr. John Staples Mr. Richard Steinau Col and Mrs. Allen W. Summers Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Swearingen Dr. Diana Sweet Comcowich Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tew Col and Mrs. Daniel H. Tulley, USAF Lt Col Felix Uhlik

$250 - $999 MSgt Jennifer Algiere MSgt Charles W. Allender, USAF (Ret)

Mr. James Atherton Mrs. Lisa Atherton Dr. and Mrs. M B. Ballinger Mr. Chester Bankowski Ms. Siham Bankson Mr. and Mrs. David Barnes Mr. Douglas A. Barry Mr. Charles D. Bathman Mr. Christian Benedix

Mr. Robert Bennett Col Larry Benson Mrs. Ardith Boan Mr. Nicholas Bockelmann Lt Col Thomas R. Brandt, USAF (Ret) Col and Mrs. Edward W. Brass, USAF (Ret) Lt Gen and Mrs. Arnold W. Braswell, USAF (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. James Brixius Ms. Kathleen Brooks

Mrs. Meliza Vargas Col D. W. Waddell Ms. Jill Wadsworth Mr. Paul D. Ward Mr. Frank S. Watson Mr. Bradley Watson Mrs. Myra J. White Ms. Rachel Worley


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