PRS Hoarding Ideas - Blink Image

COST ESTIMATES We have used a project of similar size and complexity to the scheme on the right as the basis for our cost estimates


£1,200 per annum £500 + VAT. We have assumed we would liaise with the scheme’s graphic designers on integration of the hotspot graphics into the hoarding designs

Augment App Subscription Creation of AR hotspots


£4,200 + VAT

3d model of exterior of the building 3d model of typical apartment Exterior 360° image - low detail - photoreal Interior 360° tour of apartment (low detail)

£2,200 + VAT £1,700 + VAT £3,200 + VAT £1,700 + VAT This cost is dependent on having also creating the 3d apartment model

The content for this could be either created by Blink Image (see linked example on demo page above) or by a third party. We would be happy to give you an estimate of cost for creating a film of the project based on a more detailed discussion of scope) We would link to the scheme’s website for no additional charge

Video / CG Film


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