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The Most Important Thing to Me IS MY FAMILY

My career is one of the most important aspects of my life, but nothing will ever be as important to me as my family. My parents worked hard to provide for my brother Victor and I, and they still work hard every day. My family enabled me to have the career that I have come to enjoy so much. My mother, Nuha, has helped manage the firm’s accounting for the past 17 years. She also works with my father, who is self-employed in commercial real estate. My wife, Alison, works as a homemaker. My children are Jonathan and Addison. Jonathan is 14 and a freshman in high school. Addison is 3, and she is truly a princess! Addison loves Jonathan and is intrigued with his company, and Jonathan takes his time to play and to cherish his sister! Both of my kids are outgoing. Jonathan is a freshman at Bishop Kenny High School, the same place I went for high school. He loves every sport he’s ever played, and that’s all of the sports that involve any type of ball, from table pool to ping-pong, and from hoops to golf, Jonathan loves to play and is very athletic. Academically, Jonathan has always been an excellent student. He hasn’t told us where he would like to attend college yet, but we are proud that he’s already committed himself to earning excellent grades and a post-graduate education.

the 95th percentile for her height. She’s tall, and she’s stronger than one would expect for a young princess her age. Addison loves helping her mom in the kitchen and can even bake sweets, of course, with supervision. When I get home from work, it’s a joy to see her excitement as she hurries to give me one of her very tight hugs. Jonathan and Addison are far apart in age, but they get along well. He is protective of her, and it’s obvious that they love each other. One of Addison’s favorite hobbies is following Jonathan around, trying to emulate everything he does. Alison and I are thankful for our children and for the relationship they enjoy. We inspire our children with core family values, not usually what you see on reality TV. When it comes to taking care of business and responsibilities to our clients, we do so with the very same core values we apply when we cater to our own family. When life’s adventures take us away from the office, my family loves the outdoors. We enjoy spending time on the water and in the woods. We enjoy boating, fishing, water sports, and riding ATVs. We enjoy traveling and camping in the mountains. We try to make it to the Keys every summer, but for now it’s ATV riding and camping weather!


is absolutely brilliant! Addison has had an amazing vocabulary since the age of 2. Once, I remember, she said the word “magnificent” in response to my offering to take her to Bono’s Bar B-Q. Addison is in

Princess Addison is unlike the rest of the toddlers her age. Addison is 3 years old but going on 6! She


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