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Kit AZZA Focus 'Accordion Noisettes'

Here are pre-cut accordion leaves that are the same shape as the stencil! (see Stencil duo Noisettes on page 2.) This allows you to put more photos on the page and the page becomes dynamic.

ALI 2006 ‘Accordion Noisettes’ (38x32x5cm) AU$70.00 NZ$84.00

This kit contains an 80 page book and pre-cut leaves - 2 each of ‘Noisette Leaves 1’ and 2 each of ‘Noisette Leaves 2’. Learn how to make your pages dynamic with this kit.

Available for separate purchase :

Chocolat + Naturel

Beige + Mist

ALB 952 Set of Accordion Leaves ‘Noisette Leaves 1’ (Closed = 11x15cm - 4 sections) AU$16.00 NZ$19.20

ALB 953 Set of Accordion Leaves ‘Noisette Leaves 2’ (closed = 8x25.5cm - 4 sections) AU$16.00 NZ$19.20

ALI 620 Focus Book ‘Accordion Noisette’ (25x21cm) AU$40.00 NZ$48.00



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