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When Business Slows Down, You Have 2 Choices Give Up or Push Harder?


Theoretically, they also have some interest in your products and services, as well.

Summertime can be slow for new sales in the business world. Most Americans take trips with their kids, leave for quiet vacations with their spouses, or become too occupied at work because summer is their busy season. All businesses struggle through this period, and no one likes when sales are slow. During the first few years in business, many business owners don’t know about this pattern.This time of year hits, and they go into full-on panic mode, running around like Chicken Little and driving everyone crazy. Once they realize what the issue is, they are left with two choices: give up or push harder. Leaders in the business world have varying opinions on this topic.The choice partly comes down to budget and desire for growth, but there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer here. Those who are growth-minded generally want to conquer a slow time of year. The month of July, for example, typically reaps new sales that are only about 30% of a normal month. August is better but still only produces about 70% of a typical month. One theory to fix this issue is to push hard in July with hope that some of that hard work will spill over into August. Some businesses set the goal of hitting 70% of a normal month in

You won’t likely make up for a slow month with a ton of new lead promotions. Many people simply aren’t paying attention.You should get a few new lead promos, but the bulk of your efforts should be focused on people who are already on your list.

To some extent, this comes down to a numbers game.You have to reach out and provide value to double the number of people you do during a normal month, but all the effort will, in theory, have both a short-term (slow season) and long-term (rest of the year) payout.This strategy does not come with 100% guaranteed results, but if you don’t try, you will guarantee yourself a slow month.

Here are the three main areas to focus on:

1. People you’ve recently spoken with who haven’t done business yet

2. Past hot leads who have gone dark

3. Leads that need to be reengaged

By focusing internally more than externally, you have a much better chance of closing a sale since these people already know, like, and trust you.

July and to make August be 100% on par with a normal month. If this happens, it’s a huge win.


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