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We have always found them to be ready to help (at very short notice), professional, flexible, approachable, and most importantly discreet as regards our company issues. I have no hesitation in recommending STS as they will bring farmore to your company than a food safety inspection report, they will bring enthusiasm, professionalism and a wealth of knowledge and always keen to help improve your current hygiene standards “ - Phil Ruddock, Food Safety Manager ISS Mediclean “ We have contracted the provision of Food Safety training and auditing services to STS and this contract has been in place since April 2012. In this time their trainers have provided Food awareness, L2, L3 and L4 courses on food safety management and HACCP to all our care homes and residential break centres. The training is always well received, professionally provided, and effective in raising our food safety standards. When candidates struggle with certain methods of presentation STS have been flexible and assisted us to find alternative ways of learning that suit the candidates. They provide a quarterly summary of management information that we find useful in management the contract and our managers expectations. Additionally they conduct an annual food safety audit at all our care homes and residential break centres. These provide us with third party assurance that our internal HACCP processes are operating effectively. The online web-based reporting system enables local managers to update actions as they are implemented. STS have been happy to work with us amending the content of the audit to reflect recent changes made in our HACCP processes. - Jenny Harris BSc(Hons) CMIOSHH AIEMA Head of H&S and Statutory Compliance

“ I have always used STS to ensure that my companies due diligence always met the rules and regulations relating to the laws in regard to high standards of hygiene within the work environment. This support has been valuable over 48 years both as my capacity as catering services manager in the NHS and my commitment to the Hospital Caterers Association. Their audits have maintained high standards admired by Senior Management and the environment health inspections leading to 5 stars on every occasion. I am confident in recommending their services as an essential tool for any caterer’ - Mike Duckett MBE FIH Catering Manager (retired NHS) STS have provided food hygiene consultancy support services to Nuffield Health during the last 7 years. They were initially engaged to support with the development of our food safety policy document along with introduction of various safe systems of work including a bespoke HACCP system and comprehensive audit tool. They have continued to provide external audit checks to the hospitals and we have always found their auditors both friendly and professional. STS continue to provide an excellent service and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others

STS provides specialist services to the food industry from food manufacturing to retail and the hospitality sector. STS are highly respected for their expertise; they have undertaken a number of projects for the Food Standards Agency, developed the food safety management system for the British Army and their award winning systems and training are recognised worldwide. With over thirty years experience and a team who is passionate about delivering excellent service, STS offers a range of services from simple off the shelf solutions for small businesses to comprehensive support packages for corporate clients. STS has the right level of support no matter what your business needs. ELAS recognises that your business is unique, and so are the challenges you face. ELAS aims to provide solutions to specifically match your needs, rather than an off the shelf approach, giving you as much or as little business support as you want. Specialising in employment law, health & safety, payroll, training and absence management ELAS provides specific, straightforward and jargon-free advice that you can rely on. Each service can be used independently or as part of a fully-integrated system and our attentive, supportive and approachable experts are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Specialising in the provision of on-site health surveillance and occupational hygiene, Sound Advice can systematically watch for early signs of work related ill health in employees exposed to certain health risks as part of their role. Our purpose-built mobile medical units allow for onsite assessments including hearing tests, hand arm vibration tests and lung function assessments.

Our comprehensive occupational health service. Occupational Medicals reaches far beyond the traditional reactive process of preventing ill-health by creating preventative measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of employees.

- Barry Mattinson Supplier Relationship Manager Catering Services, Nuffield Health

The newest addition to the ELAS Group, HSMC brings expertise in audiometry, noise assessments and fire training under the ELAS umbrella. HSMC provides nationwide health, safety and occupational health solutions to companies across the UK, from small companies with one or two employees to large multinationals with thousands. HSMC can provide services to clients with no in-house health & safety or occupational health provision or can be used to supplement in-house personnel.


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“ “ We have worked with STS for the past 6 years to cover all our training needs for the catering department. It enables us to cover our training on site without the pressures of needing a trainer. STS work very closely with us, helping establish the areas of training needed then working to fit it all in to our tight time slots. Our staff enjoy working with the trainers and we have a very good success rate working this way.


STS is one of our foremost centers in terms of quality of delivery, as well as the range of courses delivered and the number of students supported. We have no hesitation in recommending their services. - Marianne Phillips, Head of Training Division Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

- Stephen Kay Head of Residential and Catering Services London South Bank University Having identified the need to appoint a food safety consultancyto assist in the revision of our food safety systems and procedures, we approached STS following recommendations from other colleagues in the sector. We now have a fully revised food safety system in place, supported by training, auditing and professional advice. We see the maintenance and development of this relationship as a key element to our approach to due diligence. EVENTS “ I would like to state that with your auditor’s valuable advice and assistance, backed up by both yourself and your team at Head Office, the benefits gained and increase in standards by all our catering partners has been remarkable and highly appreciated. Whilst we had had all our catering outlets audited twice a year, there was a certain complacency and familiarity inculcating between the caterers and the then auditors. With your resources and experience, you have managed, with ‘new sets of eyes’ to identify where deficiencies may have lay and encouraged our catering partners to conform both to current legislative requirements, raise their standards to meet non-legislative guidelines and achieve consistently higher standards. The consequence of your actions has been an increase in confidence of our relative local authority environmental health officers and a significant decrease in alleged incidents. I look forward to our continuing agreement’

We can confirm that we have dealt with STS as our Certifying Body and Auditors for a period of 8 years. During this time they have lived up to their name, giving excellent Support, Training and Service in all aspects of applying the Code of Practice and Technical Standards for Food Processors and Suppliers to the Public Sector. Their work has been a major factor enabling us to acquire our current status as a Nominated Supplier to the NHS and other University Buying Consortiums in the Private Sector. We can confidently recommend STS as a company that is pleasant, helpful and efficient to deal with, at the same time as being experts in their field’.

- Bev Spencer Catering Manager Epsom College “

STS provide The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with high quality courses, excellent trainers and efficient administration support staff. The trainers have a good understanding of customer care, cultural, equalities and diversity issues. - Euan MacAuslan, Senior Training Advisor Public health Training Service Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

- Patrick Menard Capital Catering Company Ltd

LSE have a successful working relationship with STS who, since 2003, have assisted our Catering Department to achieve and maintain excellent food safety standards. Our ‘Simply Safe’ food safety documentation is straightforward yet robust, and is tailored to the needs of the Catering Operations within both our main academic site, and our Halls of Residence. Following management training provided by STS to facilitate implementation of the systems, STS carry out audits biannually. As well as providing coaching and support in areas that can be strengthened, the high standards achieved by our teams are recognised through feedback, EHO inspections and Certificates of Excellence. STS’ audits are an effective tool to help keep our teams focused and motivated to maintain high standards.

- Liz Thomas, Head of Catering London School of Economics

- Bev Spencer, Catering Manager Epsom College


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The ELAS Group is a leading provider of business support services and training to companies across the UK. The group is comprised of ELAS Business Support, ELAS Occupational Health Ltd, STS and Occupational Medicals Enterprise (OME).

“ “ Nando’s, who will soon have 350 restaurants throughout the UK, find external audits an invaluable tool for monitoring food safety. As well as providing a measure of whether company standards are being implemented in each restaurant, STS’ approach helps educate and motivate store managers and their teams to focus of food safety and improve performance.

Krispy Kreme UK appointed STS in 2007 to advise on areas of food safety and health and safety across the Krispy Kreme Estate. We have found that the professional and proactive approach displayed by STS has helped to improve and maintain practical and coaching based approach to auditing our stores has added greatly to our commercial success. Krispy Kreme would be more than happy to recommend the services STS provide to any business within the food service and retail industry.

ELAS Business Support is the expert HR and employment law consultancy. Services include employment law advice, HR consultancy, payroll services, DBS checks, training courses, absence management and intelligent software HR solutions.

ELAS OH delivers occupational health to thousands of companies nationwide.

The quarterly summary reports that STS produce track progress, and provide proactive, practical suggestions that have helped Nando’s Senior Management to shape effective strategy. Nando’s have a close working relationship with the team at STS, who have proved to be efficient, effective,

We provide occupational health, health surveillance,

- Richard Cheshire Managing Director Krsipy Kreme UK

sickness absence management, occupational hygiene, health and wellbeing, drug and alcohol and pre-placement screenings. Our fleet of mobile medical units, each fitted with an IAC acoustic booth, bring our services directly to our clients, no matter where in the UK they are located.

reliable and flexible. - Robert Kitchen, Senior Technical Manager Nando’s Restaurants “ - Gintare Marasinkaite, Operational Auditor, Bagel Factory

Bagel Factory has been working with STS for 3/5 years now with excellent results in food safety management. I find STS to be reliable, helpful, effective and professional to suit your needs as a small food business operators. I guess we have found the perfect partner in STS.

Occupational Medicals delivers our comprehensive occupational health service. OME reaches far beyond the traditional reactive process of preventing ill-health by creating preventative measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of employees.

STS provides specialist services to the food industry from food manufacturing to retail and the hospitality sector. We have undertaken a number of projects for the FSA, developed the food safety management system for the British Army and our award winning systems and training are recognised worldwide.


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