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Remembering Halloweens Past Fun Times Spent With My Daughters Helping Injured Alabamians Make Great Decisions Regarding Their Legal Issues

Whenever Halloween comes around, it makes me think back to when my girls were little. Now that they’re 24 and 19, they don’t go trick-or- treating anymore, but I remember howmuch fun we had when they were trick-or-treating age. When I was younger, I was never big on celebrating Halloween. The best part for me was going out and collecting candy. But I always found myself being taken to haunted houses year after year by my friends and family. The bad thing is I couldn’t stand haunted houses. As a kid, I never liked any of the scary stuff, but I couldn’t help being curious too. As the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat,” and I would force myself into the haunted house. There wasn’t a year I refused to go in; I braved it out every time. I think a big part was I never wanted to admit to my friends and family that I was scared, and I didn’t want them to say I wasn’t brave enough to go. I only started really appreciating and enjoying Halloween when I had my two daughters and started to become more involved as a parent. I really liked watching how excited they were about the holiday. My wife and I would go out with them and their buddies as they tried to get as much candy as they could carry, which was always exciting. Our neighborhood was pretty unique in celebrating Halloween too. Everyone would come together and have a neighborhood party. We’d get an early start with dinner and then walk or drive the kids around afterward.

We live in a really hilly neighborhood, so sometimes it was hard for the kids to walk up certain parts. One guy had a flatbed trailer that the adults would fill up with hay for everyone to sit on. Then, we’d load up the kids to take them up the steeper hills, and once we got to the top, they’d jump out and run to the nearest house to knock on their door. I still remember how excited Carlee and Allee were to have their very own hayride with their friends as we went through the neighborhood on Halloween night. We’d all come back home, and they’d have their

pillowcases filled with pounds and pounds of candy that they’d start working on right when they came through the door. Halloween is also one of the best times of years in Alabama. Oct. 31 is when the season really starts to change. All the leaves become a different color, and everything becomes very beautiful. I think now that Carlee and Allee don’t trick-or-treat anymore, the weather makes me really enjoy this time of year. Now that we’re older, my wife and I celebrate Halloween by staying at home and handing out candy to the kids. We enjoy seeing all the costumes kids wear and how excited they are to get candy, and we take the time and really appreciate summer turning into fall.

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