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Take a Day at the Beach

and our spring schedule. But despite the chill outside, the sunny spirit of Mexico has stayed with me. I feel more relaxed, refreshed, and recharged than I did when I left. When I think about the positive feelings associated with my trip, it’s like I took a mental vacation, as well as a physical one. We could all use a reminder to take mental breaks now and then, couldn’t we? If you’ve been feeling like your fitness routine could use a recharge, this month also brings many opportunities to do that. We’ve been longtime fans of the Les Mills workout programs because they exhibit an upbeat, fresh take on fitness that is always evolving. It’s the reason we offer so many of their classes. On March 25, we presented the 100th — yes, you read that right! — edition of Body Attack. Come join us for one of these active, fun- filled workouts! We look forward to seeing you here and starting spring off right! -Dave Morin

Though there are amazing sights to be seen outside the resort, we had little reason to leave. It was too nice to soak up the sun poolside while reading a good book. With delicious food, tons of fruit and vegetables, fresh seafood, and wine, what more could you want? We ate outside for every meal, surrounded by the beautiful tropical landscape. We enjoyed lobster tails one evening, and surf and turf the next. I watched the sun come up most mornings just to take it all in. It was also wonderful to catch up with our friends, some of whom we’ve known for 20 years. Most of our companions came from Rhode Island, though one couple joined us from Florida. Three of our friends are siblings and had the chance to reunite during the trip. We talked, ate, relaxed, and all caught up on much-needed rest during this vacation. If you get the chance to travel someplace warm during the winter months, I highly recommend taking a trip like this — one with no agenda, just relaxation. Of course, life can’t always be a day at the beach. Now that I returned to the club, it’s right back to focusing on fitness

After returning from our excursion south of the border, I’m back at the club feeling refreshed and ready to jump into spring here at home. Our trip was a great way to start the season. On a chilly Saturday morning last month, Linda and I headed to the airport with eight of our friends. We were ready for the warmer weather and sunnier skies of Mexico. I shared with you how we were looking forward to this trip and that our friends sent weekly emails with the countdown leading up to our departure. You know the feeling you have sometimes when you are so excited for an event that the reality ends up disappointing you? Well, that was not the case with this vacation. We arrived at our resort around 2 p.m. that Saturday, and it was the beginning of seven days of pure rest and relaxation. After living in the 30-degree weather of the East Coast for the past few months, our skin was so happy to feel the warm air and sun. It was incredible to go outside without needing a sweatshirt.

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