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Jan/Feb 2019

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Personal Story

Written by Adrienne Riveros AN ITALIAN ADVENTURE

In 2015, the four of us - Carlos, Daniel, Ashley and I - hopped the inaugural Lufthansa flight from Tampa to Germany and then continued on from there to Rome. It was a trip to celebrate my 30th birthday, but also to celebrate years of hard work since we’d all graduated college. It was a reset of sorts. Perhaps it was an outward symbol of an internal shift - a hypothetical mile marker that signified a turning point in our lives. When we first arrived, we didn’t even bother to rest at all. We got off the plane, dropped our bags off and began exploring all that was Rome. We spent 3 days there, soaking up the history and the culture. Then, it was off to Florence. Unexpectedly, thiswasmy favoriteplace.Located in Italy’s Tuscany region, we enjoyed the most amazing food and wine. We also strolled along the Ponte Vecchio, a Medieval stone bridge that is now home to jewelers, artists and street performers. It was there that we sat along the road at night and listened to the music while we rested our feet. We also saw Michelangelo’s David - a towering marble sculpture depicting David from the bible. (CONTINUED INSIDE)

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