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When you say “Health and Wellness,” it means something a little different to every person. What you’ll find common around this time of year, however, is that many people have some sort of New Year’s resolution centered around it. There is just something about the start of a new year that helps to wipe the slate clean, reset the mind and empower a person to move closer to their personal wellness goals in 2019. We are going to see “Health and Wellness” move away from traditional models of the past and usher in a more balanced, whole-body-and-mind approach. In this issue of Motion Matters, we will discuss four tips to help you move toward a “Health and Wellness” makeover for 2019. 1) Be intentional. Often, time passes and we find that we’ve become busy with other things and our personal wellness goals get unintentionally pushed to the back burner. Without that extra bit of intension, it is easy to fall short of your own goals. Here are some tips to help you be more intentional: • Identify your big goals and write them out. • Be very specific. • Identify the smaller steps needed to get to your big goal. • Look at your goals often to help keep you on track. 2) Little by little goes a long way. Have you ever made a really big goal and jumped into it wholeheartedly with both feet? Have you made a 180-degree change and did fantastic…for a short time? When the demands of life present themselves, however, large changes that are new can often be hard to maintain because they take a great deal of time and effort. If your goal involves sustainability, you may want to try making smaller changes that you can be consistent with. Little changes, progressively sustained every day over a year, can really add up to a big change before you know it. The best part will be that it becomes a healthy, sustainable part of your lifestyle. 3) Understand the power of perception. What is it that people say – Perception is nine-tenths of the law? That makes perfect sense. Your perception of a situation and your mindset often dictate success or failure. This is true in therapy and in true in life. Why is it that we go to that friend who gives really good advice? It’s not because they change the situation, but because they might give you an alternate viewpoint that changes how you perceive the situation. If you find yourself frustrated, feeling defeated or like you’ll never make it to your goal, try looking at it from a different angle. Give yourself credit for what you’ve achieved so far and then get creative. Change your perspective.

4) Ask for help. If you find that you are having difficulty pursuing your health and wellness goals due to an injury, pain or an underlying musculoskeletal condition, seek out assistance from people who are experts in that field. Physical and Occupational/ Hand Therapists can evaluate your current symptoms and, ultimately, assist you in finding the root cause of your problem. They will also collaborate with the rest of your healthcare team in order to help you return to what is important to you as quickly as possible. If you have amazing goals for this new year, but feel as if you can’t physically achieve them due to pain (or even fear of pain returning), you may find the help you need at Life In Motion Physical & Hand Therapy. Give us a call us today! We’d love to get you in and chat about how we can help you return to the things you love!

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