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Deltini shelf life and garden performance tests



• A wide range of exciting colours • Reliability in production and performance • A consistent offer in autumn and spring

Shelf life test at Flowerwatch, Roelofarendsveen (NL)

simulation and a 12-day shelf life test in a retail environment. All plants came from the same source and were treated the same. FlowerWatch used cameras and physical inspection to monitor the plants. In the report, FlowerWatch certifies all tested Deltini colours as ‘clearly better’. Deltini for the greatest efficiency in the small- flowered Viola market segment!

Within the small-flowered Viola market segment, the real game-changer when it comes to shelf life, is the Deltini series. Besides the fact that the series meets all grower requirements, it also outperforms every other series on the shop floor. We tested our Deltini series in cooperation with FlowerWatch, by comparing it to other series available on the market. The shelf life test included a 2-day transport

9 - 10.5 cm

2 - 4

Deltini White

Deltini Yellow

Pinapple Crush

Main competitive equivalent

Main competitive equivalent


White Spring

White with Blotch

White with Purple Wing

Garden performance test at Syngenta trial field, De Lier (NL)

Over a period of 9 weeks, Deltini colours were tested for garden performance against other varieties available on the market. The results are very clear: Deltini is also the most reliable series on the market when it comes to garden performance. Deltini for a guaranteed positive consumer experience!

It may be that plants that remain compact at grower and retail level, make concessions in terms of garden performance. However, with Deltini, nothing could be further from the truth. The Deltini series gives consumer exactly what they want: flowers, flowers and even more flowers.

Deltini White

Deltini Rose Pink

White with Rose Wing

Pink Face

Sunny Side Up

Yellow with White Wing

Main competitive equivalent

Main competitive equivalent

Hello Yellow

Golden Yellow


Yellow with Blue Wing


Viola cornuta F1

Viola cornuta F1


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