Biennials & Spring Perennials 2021-2022 | EX

Endurio ® garden performance tests

Garden performance test at Syngenta trial field, De Lier (NL)

carried out over a period of 9 weeks at our trial field in the Netherlands, demonstrated that the single Endurio colours all develop a lovely, mounding habit with a large number of flowers. Choose Endurio for an all-season-round- performance!

The Endurio series is known for its great garden performance in winter. Snow and frost do not prevent the series from flowering, as long as it gets a little sun. Endurio is more than just a winter performer, it also produces masses of flowers in spring. The garden performance test,

Endurio White

Endurio Yellow

Endurio Pink Shades

Endurio ® Yellow with Red Wing


Viola cornuta F1


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