Agent Link - April 2020

APRIL 2020

sales teams put all their energy into the top of the funnel only to get burnt out and let prospects slip away because they’re exhausted just trying to find that opportunity. It’s a loss for everyone, and it’s something that Agent Link is actively working to end. If you’d like to know more about this subject, please reach out. We’re always happy to talk to you and share what we’ve found. After all, we do what we do to empower people who can change lives for the better. INSIDE 1. A Letter From Our President 2. Classic Comedies for Tweens and Teens 2. Inside a Customer Mapping Journey 3. New Top Producer Acquisition Strategy 6. The Most Important Question You Can Ask

if the vast majority of their time is going into just finding the prospect? This is how Agent Link helps its clients grow distribution. We take care of that first part of the funnel. We focus on getting agents engaged with your organizations so that your recruiters can focus on building a relationship with them. With the work we do on our end, IMOs can start working the opportunity, rather than searching for it, and ultimately close more agents to write business for them. Through our data, analytics, and marketing expertise, we help clients create a personal message that resonates with their ideal audience. We help them understand who that audience is through the process of developing a producer persona to figure out who's the best fit for their value proposition. Organizations that utilize our insight see a growth in their distribution channels. It’s a process, definitely, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s an effective process that delivers results. As you can no doubt tell, this is a topic I’m passionate about because I’ve seen too many

Over the last few years, marketing has changed dramatically. And more recently, the shifts appear even more significant. People who used to respond to direct mail are no longer responding. As a society, we’re inundated with more and more emails, and we have fewer and fewer quality interactions. Of course, if people aren’t responding, it’s because they aren’t seeing much that speaks to them. So, how do you combat this massive hurdle? One of the best ways is to have meaningful interactions with the right people. Your team must focus on creating a relationship with the producer by practicing follow-up that includes 12 positive interactions with them. Getting in front of the right people is all about understanding your audience. When it comes to growing distribution, the message has to be in front of the right audience in the right channel. This can be a challenge when recruiters are focusing on too many parts of the funnel. They fail to create a relationship, and positive interactions fall away after a call or two. When you look at most sales teams, they spend 60%– 70% of their time prospecting. How can they spend much time on meaningful conversations

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