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When I was a kid living in Minnesota, our family would drive over to the border of North Dakota to get the good stuff.

down. I always enjoy hearing

about barbecue from my patients. There are quite a few people who

I am, of course, talking about fireworks.

Minnesota has long been known for fireworks laws that are on the stricter side. In North Dakota, meanwhile, you could get your hands on big fireworks. We had family members who took fireworks seriously. I have some cousins who live in North Dakota who have a permit that allows them to buy the really big stuff. These are the kind of fireworks for which you need the big mortar tubes in order to launch them into the night sky. My cousins can even make their own fireworks, if they’re so inclined. It has made for some very entertaining Independence Days. My favorite uncle was also one of those people. He did a lot of creative things with fireworks. He liked to hunt with a bow and arrow, and around the Fourth of July, he would occasionally tie a cherry bomb to the end an arrow, light it, and fire away. I do have a lot of great memories of watching fireworks shows growing up. There was one time when we were driving back from a trip to northern Minnesota on the Fourth of July. In the distance, we could see all of these fireworks shows, one after the other. I saw a lot of fireworks that night. These days, my wife and I tend to stick to the indoors when it comes to the fireworks shows. There are a lot of great shows around Eau Claire, but it’s hard to beat the indoor temperature and humidity control.

love to barbecue year-round, whether it’s ribs or just burgers.

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of great tips for barbecuing. I’ve made it a personal goal to put some of those tips to the test this summer. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do, but ribs do sound good right about now.

July also holds another special place in my heart: It’s the birthday month of both my wife and one of my daughters. Even better, their birthdays are on the same day. It makes it really handy for remembering the important date! To round out the month, I’ll be attending a few national meetings on topics such as sleep apnea and TMJ dysfunction. It will be an educational experience, and I may bring back some insights that will allow me to do even more to help my sleep apnea and TMJ patients. I always look forward to these kinds of educational opportunities. It’s a busy month for sure, but with all the good weather and the barbecue, there’s certainly not a lot to complain about! I hope you too have a great Fourth and a wonderful summer! –Dr. Anthony Butchert

The other great thing about the Fourth, and really, about summer in general, is the barbecue. While I’m not a big barbecue guy, I’d never turn it


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