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FEB 2020

Data,” predictive analytics (PA), and artificial intelligence (AI) — all very close cousins. With such incredible new resources, you’d think the days when marketing was a big numbers game, as Henry Ford describes, would be over. You’d think we’d now be targeting only the right prospects at the precisely right time and generating incredible return on investment from our marketing spend every single time. The reality is that so much progress has taken place in terms of potential, but there’s a big difference between having the technology and executing an application that gets the kind of results that work for you. That’s why we are so excited to share three game-changing strategies that can dramatically increase efficiencies if your market is higher- echelon life and annuity producers and advisors. Look to our insert article inside this newsletter for the first of the three strategies. -Senia and Stu Gramajo INSIDE 1. 3 Game-Changing Strategies 2. All About Chocolate Marketing Lessons From an 8-Year-Old 4. Evan Williams’ Entrepreneurial Journey

For organizations servicing a select audience, as is the case with top-level life and annuity producers, I feel that no matter how many advancements marketing methodologies have enjoyed, Ford’s sentiments still strike a chord. Even if you’re enjoying good numbers and profitability and your executives are high-fiving in the board room, your numbers could very well be smothering the sales and marketing inefficiencies that are causing pain at all levels of the distribution channel.

When someone’s original ideas manifest in products that are seen nearly everywhere around the world, you can’t help but marvel at that person’s incredible influence. One such person died well before I was even born, but he left behind such an impact that I almost feel like I know him.That person is Henry Ford. Henry had a few things to say about business and marketing in his day. For example: “Half of the money I spend on advertising is waste, and the problem is, I do not know which half.”

We recently spoke with top execs at a number of successful organizations in the industry, and we continue to hear from individual recruiters charged with contracting top advisors and getting them to write business.The desire for improvement in efficiencies is as strong as ever. One person we spoke with recently made us laugh as he described his situation to us: “I’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs for each producer I really need to talk to.” All joking aside, we’ve all been hearing about the advent of “Big

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