Nov/Dec 2018


Ship & Shore Environmental Supplies Thermal Oxidizers for VOC Control By Jim Kuzara, Ship & Shore Environmental Inc.

Consumer and industrial markets are constantly challenging coil coating paint finishing operations with coating specifications to provide maximum durability and finish appearance. The coil coating industry is also challenged to deliver these finishes in an environmen- tally friendly fashion to minimize impact to local sur- roundings and the air we breathe. Why do we control these emissions? Solvent emis- sions that enter the atmosphere, combine with nitrogen oxides and UV rays (sun light) to form smog that’s been proven to cause cancer and respiratory health problems. Emissions from coil coating operations that utilize solvent based finish materials are regulated by Federal, State, and Local authorities by guidelines established through the Clean Air Act. In general, these regula-

tions limit the amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or solvent emissions that can be emitted by a coating operation as a single solvent or as a solvent mixture. They are generally quantified in tons of emis- sions (allowable) and can differ across locations. The goal of any well-designed air pollution control system is to minimize the impact of coating emissions in a cost effective way to meet these established regula- tory requirements. Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. is a leading supplier of VOC abatement equipment based out of Signal Hill, CA. Ship & Shore has complete designs and build capabilities. They can assist in all aspects of equipment design, regulatory permitting, ductwork collection sys- tem design, and complete service and repair capabilities after the sale. They can even recover rebate incentives


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