Joe-Yo Coin_White_Paper


Wow, you can make the yo-yo walk on water! I'm Ella, and I want to be on TV when I grow up!

His father, a famous scientist and inventor, t a ught him almost all the tricks he knew... almost all because ....

He was killed in a smartphone texting &driving accident ...

-yos? H a ... h as a kid the I e I saw one kids just pla

Oops, my Mom is calling me, I guess will call her back after the x-ray

Please put t ha t old yo-yo, the chewing gum, keys and your smart phone back in the suitcase with the other yo-yos and let 's x- ray them all over again ....

Oh, no.. there is a wavelength shortcut circuit with overexposure at the x-ray machine .. I t seems all your stuf f will glow in the dark!

s u ow st having 35 utes of pow ur reserve!

We are 1 stock in

is the wo ck we have r gotten in

' l

Hold tight on that slipper Dorothy!

Get her!


\ 1



your memory Cinderella... he .... he ...

Well, now he has a job with the U.S. Government, unlimited budget and support!

Wow...who is this guy?

Really? We shall see ... keep us posted, we have put a lot of money on this .

Juan Carlos Perez, no military training, freestyle yo-yo world champion, no academic degrees-just highschool, unemployed, both parents passed away, no kids, no girlfriend... His father was a famous scientist. H e i s Appman 's owner and also controls the Joe-yo.

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