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Cooking as a family over the holidays: how can the kids help? Why not let the kids help you tackle your ho- liday to-dos by delegating some tasks around the kitchen? Here are some tips to keep things fun and chaos-free.

need, and then head to the grocery store to pick everything up. Before you start to cook, ask your children to wash their hands and remind them not to lick their fingers while preparing food. You should also give them an apron to wear. To make sure they understand each step, read the entire recipe with themand explain the different cooking terms used.

• Wash fruits and vegetables and mash them with a fork • Squeeze fruits to extract the juice • Cut soft foods with rounded scissors • Measure and pour baking sheets and muffin pans • Spread dough with a rolling pin • Shape dough into balls (or use a cookie cutter) • Mix the ingredients Finally, once your re- cipe is complete, your childrenwill be able to dry ingredients • Break eggs • Grease

Ask for your kids’ input as soon as you start planning your holiday meals. Show them a few recipe options and let them choose their favou- rite, which they’ll then need to help you prepare. Sit down together to list the ingredients you’ll



Joyeuses fêtes!

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From breaking eggs and washing fruit to mixing the ingredients, there are so many tasks kids can safely do in the kitchen.

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Géothermie / Geothermal

Kid-friendly tasks Depending on their age, your children can help you cook in a variety of ways. Among other things they can:

help you straighten up the kitchen. Remind them not to touch any dishes or food before they’ve had a chance to cool off. Voilà — all that’s left is the taste test!

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